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How NOT to Pull a Car Out of Snow

Some fools totally destroy the bumper of their car as they attempt to loosen the car which is stuck in snow

Thank You Mike Hawk

A guy at his graduation manages to pull of an old yet excellent prank

Swedish Police Pull Over a Drunk Driver

Nothing worse than getting pulled over by a cop wearing a fannypack

Drunk Guy Runs From Cops and Gets Tasered

I wonder just how intoxicated you have got to be to be able to pull the taser barbs out and keep on running

Police Pull Over a Car Full of Money

This speeding ticket ended up costing just over $896,000

Russian Man Puts Him Self on Fire and Jumps Out a Window

Why not stab yourself in the eye and pull out a few fingernails with pliers on the way down for maximum pre death pain. At least he saved his family from having to pay for his cremation

Biker Plows Into A Cop

... Or did the cop pull out?

Cops Pull Man In Diabetic Shock From A Car

They could have just broken the window and opened the door, but no, they had to yank him through the window.

Karma Is A Bitch

Guy trying to pull the sink prank on his wife trips and knocks a couple teeth out. Owned.

When Traffic Cops Turn Gay

Ever wonder what shenanigans a gay traffic cop would pull? Heres a glimpse of one from Providence.

Engine Explodes at a Tractor Pull

Now he has a red face to match his neck

Black Holes are Racist

Nothing says racism quite like a region of space in which the gravitational field is so powerful that nothing, not even light, can escape its pull after having fallen past its event horizon

Costa Rican Cops Pull Down a Gate With Bad Results

Not that cop's day, earlier that morning he got outsmarted by a Costa Rican Spider Monkey

Police Pull Over a Ridiculous Car

Someone needs a ticket for excessive stupidity for buying those ghetto wheels

Suicidal Russian Gets Saved Yet Falls Anyways

It wasn't enough that he fell, but they had to pull down his pants first

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