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An Aviary Proposal - MADtv

Word of advice, do not propose to your special someone in an aviary, especially not an aviary which had a Mexican fiesta the night before

Proposal is Right

And folks, remember to have that couple spayed and neutered No one wants to see those kids

Worlds Best Wedding Proposal

How could she say no, she's in shock.

Marriage Proposal Gone Bad

That's why I'll never ask a chick to marry me in a public place, or with cameras rolling.

Marriage Proposal Fail

Talk about getting humiliated...

Food Court Wedding Proposal Fails

Women are such sluts. Just say yes, then tell him no later when you aren't in public.

The Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever

It's guys like this that make the rest of us look really shitty. Thank GOD I have really soft hands.

Most Embarrasing Wedding Proposal Ever

I think this might be the most whipped guy in world history.

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