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Escaping Parents

A great and original way to both play with your kids and spend quality time alone with your significant other. I hope you all are taking mental notes - ;)

Knight Comes Alive to Scare People

This knight likes to play practical jokes and to give people heart attacks

Employees of the Month #3

These just keep on getting better and better. The annoying women store workers are back once again to play another prank on a customer

Biggest Deck

My deck is much bigger then yours, funny clips with excellent play on words

Skillfull Otter With a Ball

This otter could play in the NBA he is so good. But however like I said yesterday, otters are human hating fiends and will not stop until they have killed us all, imagine the destruction he could cause with a grenade

More Dry Ice Fun

A few dry ice bombs, dammit, I lived such a deprived childhood and youth. I never got to blow things up, play with fire or anything like that

All the Dogs Love this Cat

This cat is a big hit in a Japanese dog cafe...I suppose every bitch needs a pussy to play with

When Gorillas Attack Maids

Two guys play a prank on their maids, one dressed up in a gorilla costume giving them the fright of their lives as they are walking down a street

Lion Attacks a Teenager for Stepping on his Paw

Lions are big furry animals with powerful jaws that live in the wild and are considered dangerous. Do not attempt to play with or pet lions, they may try to bite. If you have any questions, please talk to your local zookeeper

Watch me Play Madden - Mad TV

Mad TV does a typical RnB song yet with not so typical lyrics

Waking Up in a Bloody Bathroom

That would be an excellent prank to play on someone who passes out at a party, wake them up with a phone call while they lie on the floor of a blood splattered bathroom

High School Football Player Hurdles Defender

That touchdown must have felt good for him afterwards, awesome play

Newlywed Gamers

A few good souls made an awesome Donkey Kong game for their friends who were getting married, they then had the newlywed play the game at the wedding ceremony. Quite awesome to say the least

Jihad Joe

If anything can be classified as dark humor, then this is most definitely it. Christmas is fast approaching and every kid on the block desperately wants one of these 9/11 play sets

The Pool Skills of Eric Yow

Some people were just born to play with their stick and balls

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