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Christopher Walken Prank Phone Call

Some guys call a restaurant and do a great phone prank on them

Microsoft Support Central

A guy from Microsoft support central leaves a message on a customers answer phone regarding a problem, however the Microsoft guy can hardly be understood and some of the things he says sound hilarious

PhoneCam Magic #1 - The Umbrella

Marco Tempest uses his cell phone camera to show you his magic tricks, personally Iím far from impressed with this first trick, but his accent is funny which makes up for it

Mobile Phone Montage - Trigger Happy TV

If you think the guy who keeps on talking loudly on his cell phone on a train is annoying, or the teenage girl who sends a text message during a movie in the cinema, then you would go mental around this guy

Waking Up in a Bloody Bathroom

That would be an excellent prank to play on someone who passes out at a party, wake them up with a phone call while they lie on the floor of a blood splattered bathroom

The B-Team

Mr T, K-fed and other B-list celebrity puppets help Nicole Ritchie get back her cell phone which was stolen by Paris Hilton

CNN and a Howard Stern Prank

As you might know Howard Stern loves to prank TV stations, here is his latest little phone prank which I shall call "General Numbnuts"

The Full Saddam Hussein Hanging Execution Video

A leaked mobile/cellular phone video of the hanging of Saddam, although the cameraman is probably the worst one in the whole of Iraq [b][color=darkred]Viewer discretion is advised[/color][/b]

Dr Phil VS Scientology Phone Prank

Using a Dr. Phil soundboard, a few guys called the Church of Scientology for some extraterrestrial, volcano nuking fun

Angry Black Man - Phone Prank

The same guy who brought us the Indian prank call yesterday now calls up a hotel receptionist pretending to be a typical gang banger complaining about a racial remark thrown at him by a hotel guest... again simply hilarious For the Indian prank call go here: [URL][/URL]

The New Number for the Emergency Services

The British Emergency Services are dropping the old 999 phone number for the much better 0118 999 881 999 119 7253, easy to remember and dial

Italian Students Fondle Their Teacher during Class

An Italian high school teacher has become the focus of an investigation after a cell phone video surfaced of a number of underage male students fondling her during class. Shame I never had a teacher like that

Switch - The Hassel of Switching Phone Companies

If phone companies offered Swedish girls to change over to them I might actually listen to them for more than 3 seconds without hanging up

Restaurant Owner Shoots Robbers

A Philadelphia restaurant owner is filmed on a phone camera taking justice into his own hands after an attempted robbery at his restaurant

Phone Prank Turns Bad

Phone prank gone bad as an old woman has a stroke after two teenage girls call her with a harsh joke

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