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Girl Pees Her Pants On MTV

Some girl pees her pants on MTV - :S

Guy Pees onto a Ferrari

I'm waiting eagerly for the next video of him crying like a little girl while the Ferrari owner takes a dump on his face

Otter Pees in an Angry Swans Nest

Never saw an otter do the funky chicken dance before, or pee for that matter

Indian Man Shits & Pees himself in Public

Great, and I just had a chicken madras 2 hours ago

Man Pees on a Bus & Pays the Price

This video makes me happy and sad. Happy because someone who pisses on a bus deserves nothing better than hanging onto his dear life on the outside of the bus. Sad becomes the driver got fired for being a hero

Bobby's Dating Video

Bobby here is every woman's dream date, and he has a can of pees for brains, how anyone could turn him down is beyond me

Woman Pees on Car While Child Plays Lookout

Next time I'm pissing onto a Honda Accord I definitely won't trust that kid being my lookout, worst lookout in the history of lookouts Oh also, great parenting skills, thumbs up

Guy Pees His Pants During Mugging

This guy can't hold on to his wallet, much less his bladder.

German Contestant Pees His Pants

What a great way to make yourself known to the world.

Guy Pees On His Girlfriend Prank


Dog Pees With Style

Talk about being one high class hound!

Dog Pees On An Electric Fence

No fences were injured during the filming of this video.

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