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Cop Tasers Nightclub Shooter

A cameraman happens to be with a police officer as a man opens fire inside a nearby Fairbanks nightclub (called Area 51). The cop and cameraman are outside as the shooter fails to make an escape and gets tasered

Female Officer Verbally Abused

That female cop sure got a mouthful, at one point I actually thought she was about to break into tears. Very professionally work on her part

Cop Paedophile Caught

"To Catch a Pedophile" catches a police officer red-handed, he was armed to the teeth with bullet-proof vests and automatic rifles, exactly the kind of stuff you will need before having sex with a teenage girl

Drunk Cop Beats a Female Bartender

A Chicago police officer is seen here attacking a female bartender out of the blue... Guess she was all out of doughnuts

Forget it you Mother Forgetter

This man just managed to fit every insult known to the human race into his open letter to a police officer who arrested him for using the F-word, he is my new idol, but dare I say that "a fan of John Tesh" was a bit harsh though

Crazy Woman Screaming in the Street

This utter loose cannon had thrown her self onto a passing car then lay in the street screaming frantically until police arrived, and if you thought it was weird up til that part then watch how mental she goes on the officer

Police Officer is Shot Dead After Pepper Spraying Suspect

Corporal McKay gets shot in the back by Liko Kenney after the officer had chased him into a ditch and pepper sprayed his face. Liko had sped away minutes earlier as McKay pulled him over for a routine traffic stop. They had a long history together as Liko had been stopped numerous times by McKay in the past. After shooting the officer and driving over his body Liko him self got gunned down by an ex-Marine, who can be seen in this clip at the end of the road sitting in a truck with his son

Female Cop Hits Two Cars and Drives Off

A West Palm Beach police officer is captured via on board camera swerving over the double solid line a few times and finally hits two parked cars. She then leaves the scene and inspects the damage to her patrol car in a nearby parking garage To protect and swerve...

Truck hits a Minnesota Officer

It seems stopping at the side of the road is the most dangerous thing any officer can do, either you get shot in the back or this happens

Female Officer Deals with Senile Elderly Man

Is there a phone number on there? Is there a phone number on there? Is there a phone number on there? Is there a phone number on there?

Officer Opens Fire on an Armed Car Passenger

Pulling a weapon on a cop pointing a pistol at your head is a great way to fill your body with lead

LAPD Officer Killed in Pileup

Extreme chain reaction vehicle pileup caused the death of an LAPD officer who was struck on his motorcycle by another vehicle.

Police Dog Makes a Big Cocaine Bust

I wonder if just like when a Police officer retires he gets a golden watch, whether a K9 gets maybe a golden dog collar. Although probably all this hero dog needs is a good pat on the back

Man on PCP Attacks an Officer

This is the only occasion that a man tripping on PCP and attacking the cops hasn't felt the need to get naked, my congratulations to him

Man Shoots a Cop After a Traffic Stop

Kansas City officer Lee Malek gets shot during a traffic stop, fellow officers quickly arrive at the scene tracking down the shooter with a K-9 unit. Personally I think the dog was pulled off about an hour too soon

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