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Camping Trip Turns Deadly

When money is involved no one is your friend, even your own mother would snap your neck in a heart beat to get her hands on those dollaz

Drunk Guy Falls While Attempting to Slide Down a Rail

Should have listened to his girlfriend, drunk sliding can only lead to a broken neck

Backyard Wrestler Lands Extremely Badly on his Neck

"Me and this guy are going out and getting drunk and raping hookers" now that sounds like a party not to miss, too bad that wrestler kid is probably dead now and will just have to miss out on all the hooker raping fun

Giraffes Fight

My money was on the one with the long neck

Neck Punch Knockout

I got punched in the nuts once... but I didn't get knocked out.

The Dangers of Gym Class

Assuming this kids neck isn't broken, he might want to start wearing a helmet and a life jacket.

How To Break Your Neck On A Treadmill

I don't think I need to point out that treadmills are meant for your feet.

Slip And Slide Ends In Broken Neck

Always look both ways before crossing a slip and slide.

Engine Explodes at a Tractor Pull

Now he has a red face to match his neck

Why Spitting Out a Flaming Shot is a Bad Idea

I took a flaming shot once, ended up 23 days in a coma, $244,000 in medical bills, and 2 months breathing through my neck. Moral of the story, stick to Tequila

Gymnast Hits his Neck on the High Bar

That guy doesn't just walk into a bar

Guy Accidently Hits his Friend in the Foot With an Axe

Glad they don't have chainsaws in their neck of the woods

Turkish Journalists Get Shot at in Georgia

Guess a press pass around your neck doesn't make you bullet proof

Guy Sets Off a Bunch of Firecrackers Around his Neck

The one on his arm is an inconvenience? Does that mean he won't be able to tug on his underutilized pecker for a while?

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