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Cop Forgets the US National Anthem

How painfully bad, he just kept on mumbling on

American Idol Rejects - Travis

O joy, this fellow called Travis McKinney goes onto national TV and does what I presume is a dance of some sorts

Kevin Federline Mocks Himself for Nationwide

Well at least the guy can mock him self on national TV in front of millions

US Marines and Iraqi National Guard Defend a Police Station

Pretty impressive footage of US Marines and the Iraqi National Guard holding off an insurgent attack on an Iraqi police station in Baghdad

Angry Dutch Football Supporters

A brilliant little prank involving one mans remote control collection, and a bunch of soon to be angry Dutchmen cheering for their national team in the last World Cup

Girl Gets Curb Stomped on a Florescent Light Bulb

Right now there are tribes in Central Africa watching this on National Geographic and laughing at just how primitive that was

IED Blows an Iraqi National Guard Humvee

Just another day in Iraq, and another typical intro with awesome flame graphics and a kick ass tune to boot

Worst National Anthem Ever

Singing that horribly has to be just as bad as burning a flag.

Big Wheels Keep On Turnin'

The chances of something like this happening are so slim that it deserves a national holiday.

French National Team Has Some Bus Trouble

No wonder France is out of the Euro Cup, their whole team was stuck in the bus so the waterboys had to play for them

Afghan National Army RPG Training Nearly Ends in Disaster

He got a E- on his RPG test, had he got an F this clip would have been messy

Cop Arrests a Skater Kid For Trespassing

The kid was clearly a radical Islamic fascist Nazi Communist with leanings to ultra national parties in Russia, better send him straight to Guantanamo

Worst National Anthem Ever

Vocal chords are a privilege that can be taken away.

Jessi Slaughter On Good Morning America

I think we all remember the "Ya Dun Goofed Up" video. Well, the video wasn't just backtraced, it was put on national TV!

The 10 Worst National Anthem Performances

Prepare to plug your ears and support America!

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