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Swedish Chef - Robot Chicken

The Swedish Chef takes a walk and sees everything from Björk to a murder, than his stressful day ends at home where a demanding wife awaits him, hilarious

Middle Eastern Anti Suicide Bombing PSA

Operation Swordfish anyone? Last text reads "Anyone who kills another, except as punishment for murder or promoting evil, has killed all mankind." and "Terrorism has no religion."

Hotel Murder Caught on a Security Camera

I actually have no information about this clip apart from that this occurred in Brazil and the suspect has still not been found

Murder Suspect vs Water Canon

A murder suspect who took refuge in a hospital in china was shot at with a water canon to bring the drama to an end. The man was wanted for questioning over the murder of his in-laws, meaning he is basically accused of doing what every married man has thought of doing at least twice

Fists of Justice

A man vents some vigilante fury in a court room on the man charged with the murder and rape of his mother. The chair smashing was very pro-wrestling, nice move

Murder Caught on Tape in Russia

What was just a girl posing for her boyfriend quickly became a drive by shooting of sorts I'll let you the people be the judge of whether it's real or not

Robber Gets Shot Dead by a Clerk

If you needed another reason not to rob, then this is it kids; Should your halfwit partner happen to be shot dead by the clerk you will have to do time for his murder

Guy Makes a Break for it in an Impounded Car

The story here is that the female tow truck driver lets the guy go to his impounded car to grab his wallet when he decides to make a break for it. Nothing like murder charges for the price of a tow

Cameraman Catches a Horrific Murder as a Woman Screams

In all honesty you will be relieved that the title is a bit misleading, but you'll still be left shocked

Female French Skiier Screams Bloody Murder After Crash

By the sounds of those screams she broke more than a nail

Cat Makes An Attempt At Murder

Good thing he didn't upgrade to the 60" tv.

DUI Charges Dropped Against Cop

Imagine that. a cop gets away with murder. What a surprise!

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