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Squirrel Sandwiches

Join little Justin and his mother as they hunt squirrels with shotguns and make some nice squirrel sandwiches

Fatty Nearly Falls Out of Ride

This chubby kid nearly falls out of a ride in an amusement park, while he is calling out for help and for the ride to stop his mum does nothing but laugh continuously, making her the worlds greatest mother. Congratulations Janice

Meeting Mum - Big Train

A man who has never met his mother is finally united with her, although now he probably might wish he had never done so...the comedy minds of Big Train are behind this masterpiece

Pony Thinks he is a Puppy

A tiny foal rejected by its mother thinks he is a dog after being raised with two Labradors

Forget it you Mother Forgetter

This man just managed to fit every insult known to the human race into his open letter to a police officer who arrested him for using the F-word, he is my new idol, but dare I say that "a fan of John Tesh" was a bit harsh though

Mud Covered Baby Found in a Ditch after a Storm

A state trooper on patrol after a tornado in Oklahoma found this poor little baby in a ditch all covered in mud. Thankfully the infant was in good health and was returned to its mother who also survived the Hurricane

Bear Attacks a Moose Calf

A bear runs off with a moose calf as its helpless mother watches on. Mother Nature can be a cruel thing

Rhino Chases a Truck

A Rhinoceros mother runs after a truck full of filmmakers. Those last few seconds of the video look like an ad for bottled water

Bruce Willis Drops an F Bomb

Two things make this clip of a drunk Bruce Willis great, firstly the reporter actually calling him Bruce Wilson and the Yippie Kai-ayy Mother Fuckers!

Jewish Girl Prank Calls her Parents

A Jewish girl away from home at college prank calls her parents for a radio station explaining to them she is dating an Italian, which results in some priceless comments from her mother and death threats aimed at her new boyfriend from her father p.s The dad can pay for his heart attack with his Jew gold (South Park joke)

Iraqi Kids Swear and Play Kick a Soldier

Just US soldiers and Iraqi kids having fun "fuck all of you mother fuckers"

Camping Trip Turns Deadly

When money is involved no one is your friend, even your own mother would snap your neck in a heart beat to get her hands on those dollaz

Caught in the Act of Self Love

That kid shows no emotion whatsoever. He remains stoic while jerkin it and while getting lectured by his mother after jerking it

Lithuanian Baby Crawling Competition

Sure that baby won, but he failed his drug test and the title was stripped (sadly his mother was not stripped)

Young Girl Gets a Cokewhore Tan

What has this world come to (well that cesspit called California), when a mother takes her 8 year old girl to a tanning saloon and pays $1300 for her child to look like a Hollywood cokewhore celebrity like Lindsay Lohan

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