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Star Wars in 3 minutes Using Toy Figures

No actual Star Wars Toys, Models, or Sets were harmed during the making of this film

Jump Rope Madness - Double Dutch Holiday Classic

Jump-rope contest at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, where teams from around the globe competed to see who could make the most jumps in two minutes and performed crazy routines to music

SAS Storming the Iranian Embassy

On April 30th, 1980, six armed Iraqi terrorists stormed the Iranian embassy in London, England - capturing 26 hostages inside. Responding to an ultimatum set by the terrorists to kill a hostage every thirty minutes if their demands were not met, British authorities called on the S.A.S to intervene. The involvement of the S.A.S would kick-off what would be named "Operation Nimrod"

American Idol Rejects - Trista the Cowardly Lion

The look on Simons face was priceless as she let out the first growl, at least she got her 2 minutes of TV time which is probably all she was craving for

Dog Has a Little Mishap During Sex

You gotta wait at least 30 minutes to get back in the water after eating...

Super Chill a Soda in 2 Minutes

Pretty neat trick to chill all your beverages in as little time as 2 minutes

Amazing Bartender Skills

Only takes you about 10 minutes to get your drink, at least it will be well mixed (and in the case of beers extremely flat)

Woman Tries to Escape the Police after Being Pulled Over

This woman gets pulled over and tells the cop her father is having a heart attack, when the cop goes to write her a ticket she tries to drive off (3 minutes of him writing the ticket was cut out the tape)

Blazing Contraption

Pretty darn cool, but I wish the contraption had an ultimate goal, apart from boiling water in only 4 minutes and 18 seconds

Underwater Breath Holding Record Broken by Lithuanian Siblings

Holding your breath underwater for 16 minuets? Pfft easy... for a dolphin, wait no, they need to breath every 15 minutes

Mustard Face the Internet Celebrity

Every few minutes an internet sensation is born, every other few minutes that very same internet sensation dies

Police Officer is Shot Dead After Pepper Spraying Suspect

Corporal McKay gets shot in the back by Liko Kenney after the officer had chased him into a ditch and pepper sprayed his face. Liko had sped away minutes earlier as McKay pulled him over for a routine traffic stop. They had a long history together as Liko had been stopped numerous times by McKay in the past. After shooting the officer and driving over his body Liko him self got gunned down by an ex-Marine, who can be seen in this clip at the end of the road sitting in a truck with his son

Owl Interrupts a Football Game

This owl just wanted to be a part of a football/soccer game between Finland and Belgium, ultimately delaying the game by eight minutes

Army of Cops Bust a Party

I like how the party people turned off the lights and kept silent for 5 minutes, I can just see them saying "everyone keep silent, they will probably leave"

Nahool the Bee Teaches Palestinian Kids About Animal Cruelty

So in order to teach children not to be cruel to animals, they show two minutes of some dumbass bee picking up cats by their tails and throwing rocks at lions... Then they end it by having some girls tell him not to do it again. Wow, effective message right there. Thanks!

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