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Know Your Presidents

Tiny midget dressed as an infant, another voice layered over the video or just a really intelligent baby, you be the judge - ;)

Musafar the Dancing Midget

This little guy has some serious moves, and seems to get all the "chicks" too

Quick and Painful way to make a Few Bucks

Stapling one dollar bills to a midget anyone? Itís worth every cent

Midget Runs from a Cop

This midget is my new tiny hero, not only did he run from the cop but he also tried to climb a lamp post. Nicely done of the officers finding him a job at the end

Wee Little Pakistani Midget

Look at the wee fella. This video is so morally and politically incorrect that it just feels right somehow

The Condom Sandwich Prank

Two pranksters with a video camera film their sick little joke. I liked that little midget at the end trying to defend his girls honor

Midget Star Trek Pest Control

Apparently midgets dressed in Star Trek uniforms is an acceptable method to advertise pest control

Midget Wars

Not much is more entertaining than a little persons giant dodge ball game

Midget Wrestler Tackles a Spectator

He just did the mini-superman tackle

Midget Fight Breaks Out On Jerry Springer

Nothing cheers me up faster then a bunch of midgets fighting on TV.

Tornado Turns Cars Into Toys

If you look very close at 00:26 you can see a little midget in the left!

Midget Double Kicks Himself in the Head

Then again that water tower forehead on the little dude wasn't exactly a hard target

Stripper Midget Dances on a Public Train

Our favorite vertically challenged, sexually confused Chilean is back yet again in another mind-bending video

Midget Randomly Jumps Onto a Skaters back

That's what happens when you don't pay the midget the toll to use his bridge, or am I mixing that with trolls?

Angry Drunk Midget Picks a Fight on St Patricks Day

Well this proves two things, fighting with a midget is hilarious, and Leprechauns do exist

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