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The 6 Million Peso Man - Robot Chicken

Pablo Rodriguez is the worlds first bionic Mexican, a true Mexican hero

An Aviary Proposal - MADtv

Word of advice, do not propose to your special someone in an aviary, especially not an aviary which had a Mexican fiesta the night before

Hippo Goes for a Poo

Someone clearly had Mexican yesterday

Mexican Bully Fly Kicks a Girl

Bullies are always surrounded by fawning sidekicks, like flies on shit

The Mexican Ambulance Incident

I think I'd take my chances walking to the hospital.

Bleachers Collapse at a Bull Fight in Colombia

Colombians have never been very good doing a Mexican Wave

Mexican Soccer Fan Throws a Drum at a Riot Cop

Gives the term "Drum up support" a totally new meaning

Crowd Beats Up 2 Guys Shouting Racist Remarks

Damn. That looked like a Mexican hat dance for a second there

Road Raged Man Hits a Van with Pipe

So a Suburban seats about 7 people, he was lucky that those seats weren't occupied with angry Mexican wrestlers

Mexican Party Boat Sinks with a Bunch of People Aboard

The Mexican reenactment of the Titanic went almost perfect, their only mistakes was the lack of ice and Leonardo DiCaprio survived

Bull Being Tormented Attacks a Drunk Mexican Guy

And so on the 7th day, God gave the bull horns, and the bull used them to kick some ass

Mexican Man Gets Hit Crossing a Street & Walks Away Fine

If you have ever seen a Mexican hospital you know why he decided to just walk it off

Looney Christian Lady Goes Nuts in a Coffee Shop

Damn that Mexican! All that sitting there minding his own business. He seems shady due to the fact he's not rolling a burrito or painting a fence, and not to mention the total lack of a sombrero… Ggrrr, enough to get my blood boiling

Mexican Star Trek - Mad TV

Everyday I see or hear something new, today I heard what an American speaking broken Mexican Spanish with a horribly bad Scottish accent would sound like, and wow I'm impressed

Don't Drink Mexican Water

Mexican water refreshes both ends of your body...

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