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Southern Computer Repair Manual

Just CopyCat and friends making some computer upgrades... - :D

The Making of a Sex Tape

So you get to that moment where the girl friend finally decided its ok to tape you having sex and then this happens...

Learn to make a Coin Disappear

Learn the magic trick of making a coin disappear

Nature Anthem By Grandaddy - Music Video

I wanna walk up the side of the mountain, I wanna walk down the other side of the mountain… man all this walking making me bloody tired

Popsicle Scribblers Wacky Fun

Monkeys on magical flying carpets, children dressed in traditional Bavarian garments, superhero wearing his underwear on the outside, laser popsicles that draw in the sky…well that all sounds perfectly normal to me and I cannot imagine drugs played any part in the making of this

Fatty Nearly Falls Out of Ride

This chubby kid nearly falls out of a ride in an amusement park, while he is calling out for help and for the ride to stop his mum does nothing but laugh continuously, making her the worlds greatest mother. Congratulations Janice

How the Disabled Party

Making fun of the handicapped be they mentally or physically disabled is always nasty and guarantees you a quick ride to hell, but this video of a bunch of "retards" partying is way too great not to make fun of just a tiny bit

Girl on a Bike Crashes into a Pole

A girl riding a bike down a steep hill crashes into a post making a very nice skull bumping sound, for even more entertainment a guy rides his little sledge down the hill to save her but heads for a fence instead

Star Wars in 3 minutes Using Toy Figures

No actual Star Wars Toys, Models, or Sets were harmed during the making of this film

Monkey Dust - The Diary Of Ann Frank

Another great Monkey Dust clip making fun of the typical Hollywood films where they take it into their own hands to rewrite history for the big screen, they must always have the typical English baddies, get peoples ethnic background and locations wrong, and of course America always saves the day

Rapist - Mr Show

Imprisoning rapists can be very expansive for the tax payer, so Mr. Show has come up with a brilliant idea to tackle the problem, by making sure everyone around a convicted rapist knows exactly that he is indeed a rapist

The Annoying Devil - Balls of Steel

The Devil hits the streets to annoy people and trick them into making fools of them selves. I know how it feels to be tricked by the Devil since he tricked me once into selling my soul to him, all I got in exchange was a tequila bottle, seemed like a fair trade at the time since I already had half a bottle in me

How to Set your Parachute on Fire Mid Skydive

Flares, making extreme sports even extremer since 1849

Xbox 360 Freak

Xbox360- $450.00 Wrapping paper- $3.00 Making an ass out of yourself and having your buddy post it on the internet- priceless

Bunch of Video Dating Rejects

I think I saw Borat, Larry the Cable Guy, and Gorbachev. Classic example of Serial killers in the making

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