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Crazy Roundabout Drifting

Who let the Dukes of Hazzard loose in the city

Armored Bulldozer Destroys a Town

An armored bulldozer driven by a loose cannon destroys a small town...the bulldozer was powered by Duracell, just kept on going and going

Wheel Comes off Rally Car

A rally car loose both its back wheels as it takes a hard U turn

Grand Theft Auto - San Diego

Very famous incident from 1995, where some loose cannon stole a tank and went nuts in San Diego destroying a whole block before heading for the freeway where he ultimately came to a stop

Horny Donkey on the Loose

Make sure to scout the area well for any horny donkeys before taking a dump in the woods

Acid Throwing Neighbour

Well personally I think the t-shirt and acid licking proves it all, she is one loose cannon

Tooth Pulled with a Bow & Arrow

What happened to the good old method of just tying a string around your loose tooth and the other end to a door knob and slamming the door hard

Crazy Woman Screaming in the Street

This utter loose cannon had thrown her self onto a passing car then lay in the street screaming frantically until police arrived, and if you thought it was weird up til that part then watch how mental she goes on the officer

Kid Gets Hit by a Baseball

Nut a great time to loose your helmet

Drug Dealer Gets Slammed by a Police Car

If you are a regular visitor here on EvilChili then you know by now never to bail out of a moving car that is being followed by the cops. You will only end up getting slammed by the cruisers grill and loose both your shoes

911 Call About an Elephant on the Loose

"How big are we talking here?"

Drunk Guys with a Microphone Pretend to be the Police

It's a bad enough mix to drink and drive, but when you add a megaphone into that mix all hell is likely to break loose

Seattle Police Taser & Tackle a Fleeing Guy

Took a taser shot, a dozen cops and a fireman to tackle this guy to the ground. If he would have gotten a few feet further they would have to had let a bunch of strippers and an angry hamster loose on him

Mike Tyson's Craziest Moments

Mike Tyson is a bit of a loose cannon, and here are a bunch of his craziest and rudest moments

Business Suit Hunters - Kids in the Hall

Business men fear for your life's, for a couple of French Canadian hunters are on the loose hunting you down for your silky suits

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