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George W Bush The Jedi - Robot Chicken

George Bush fights Abraham Lincoln with a light saber

Voice Modulator - Bud Light

We all know foreign accents pick up the girls in no time, now with the help of the Bud Light team you also can have a sexy foreign accent

Bud Light and a Flying Dog

Damn that dog went flying

Bud Light Abduction

Damn those aliens and their wicked ways


Amazingly cool table with funky light effects, gotta get one of those for my place

Stephen Colbert VS Rancor

Stephen Colbert takes on a Rancor with his light saber

Strip Pole - Bud Light

I was kind of hoping it was a strip pole - :(

Light Bulb Goes Boom, in Slomo

High quality slow motion video of a light bulb exploding, yay!

Bud Light Robot Wars

Funny Bud light ad where a mini fridge takes on a much meaner looking opponent in a round of robot wars

Bud Light Institute

The Bud Light institute has been keeping wives busy since 1922, so you can enjoy a cold one

Winter is a Fun Time to Drive

Well apart from when the roads are so slippery that you crash into a light post causing another car to hit you

Borderline Retarded Accident

The driver of the light coloured car must have been searching for his cigarettes on the floor

Police Chase with Numerous Crashes

A dramatic police chase of a stolen car caught on tape. Officers caught up to the car and tried to block it, but the driver rear-ended a police car, crossed into the path of a pick-up truck, and then hit another police car. In the end a light post stopped him and earned him a date with Bubba in jail, safe sex boys!

The Millionaire Car Window Washer

After seeing this Australian window washing entrepreneur I might just take up washing car windows on traffic light stops

Priceless Iraqi Car

Believe it or not but he actually got pulled over for a busted tail light

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