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Magic Trick Gone Wrong

Lesson learned: Never. Ever. Under any circumstances, volunteer for a magic show

Wrestler Hurts More Than His Ego

I have learned many new sexual positions just from watching wrestling.

Doing It Gorilla Style

Looks like the gorillas learned this one from the dogs.

Homeless Man Gets Pushed Down Stairs by a Cop

This Calgary officer just learned that the good old "he fell down the stairs" just doesn't work anymore in this surveillance age of ours

Eagle Goes for a Swim

And what have you learned here kids, to never give up. Heck, he couldn't give up anyways, none of his Eagle buddies would have believed how big that fish was if he hadn't caught it

Pete Firman's Goldfish Trick

Pete Firman performs his Goldfish trick, which is simply awesome yet quite nasty at the same time, but I've recently learned that nasty always goes very well with awesome

Police Drug Bust Gone Wrong

That officer is amazingly lucky to still be alive. So kids if you have learned anything from this clip it's never do drugs... without the proper backup

Got You SONNN!

I've learned two things from this video, firstly that people who own snakes all seem to be sadistic and secondly that black people just shouldn't own snakes in general

Subway Knockout Footage

In Australian rail stations, they don't mess around with people who jump the turnstiles. Lesson learned.

The Luckiest Skateboarder On Earth

There can be a lesson learned from this. Always wear a backpack.

Momma Kitten Doesn't Approve of Hats

I learned that it's totally acceptable to hit a kitten from this video.

The Wrong Way To Climb Aboard An Elephant

You really just need to ask for their approval first... at least that's what I learned in Boy Scouts.

Soccer Players Attacked By Bees

What I learned? When attacked by bees lie down and play dead.

Who Says Doing Laundry Can't Be A Dance Party?

I never see the Asians dancing at the laundromat. Maybe they'd be happier if they just learned some dance steps.

Dude Born With A Tail

I grew up thinking I had a tail too, then I learned how to masturbate.

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