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Completely Uncalled For - Barats and Bereta

Barats and Bereta bring us a few knock knock jokes which ultimately result in a bit of violence

Taekwondo Knock Out

Nice spin kick sends his opponent flying to the floor, quite the Chuck Norris

Uncomfortable Knock Knock Joke

Hahaha suicide is hilarious

Hockey Fight Knock Out

They should get rid of the sticks and pucks and goals and just have a fighting tournament every game, ice boxing

Golf Ball Knock Out

If you look at the replay in slow motion, you see a pissed off fish about 120ft out throwing the golf ball at his head

Carrera GT Driver Baits Onlookers

If I was rich enough to be able to afford a $600k car I would just have paid someone to knock that guy out

Locker Room Fight Knock Out

He's going to wake up with a headache and a fat lip.

Devastating Nightstick Knock Out

This idiot learns exactly why cops are not to be f*cked with.

Boxer Takes A Knock To The Noggin

If this guy takes a few more hits like that, hes going to end up sipping through a straw.

Drunk Punches A Bartender In The Face

Closing time, you don't have to go home but you can knock me the f*ck out.

MMA Fighter Gets a Brutal Jaw Breaking Knock Out

How much do you really need your jaw anyway?

Female MMA Fighter Gets Knocked Out From a Kick

I know people who initiate sex with a girl like that, knock her out with a quick kick to the face

Skateboarder gets Knocked Out and Snores

You've never fully experienced naps until you've had a knock out nap

Girl Gets a One Punch Knock Out by a Guy

Ouch, that knocked her tampon right out of her bearded clam

Cop Smacks a Drunk Guy to Wake Him Up

Hey well at least it worked, even though the drunk ass was more than happy to knock him self out just a few seconds later

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