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Killer Shoes and Bees

Not really sure what the hell that was all about but I could really go for an icicle right about now

Silent Fart - Budweiser

Budweiser takes a moment to thank mister silent killer gas passer

The Great Pumpkin - Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken turns Peanuts into a horror movie with walking killer pumpkins (the Devil also makes an appearance to boogie with them)

Grand Theft Mario Bros - Robot Chicken

Mario and Luigi wander into Vice City and hook them self with a killer ride before picking up a hoe and chewing up some magic shrooms, meanwhile Yoshi wanders into Racoon city where another equally horrifying fate awaits him

Hamsters go Around and Around

Seems like the line for the running wheel is a killer, but these little fellas do anything to get on, the ride is exactly for them

Killer Cat - Worst Reenactment Ever

The thing puzzling me about this video is what kind of store keeps cats in the shampoo aisle?

The Masked Cop Killer

This accused cop killer was beaten badly by officers before his court hearing. The man had shot a cop point blank range in the face while in custody at a police station

Killer Dishes

Once your dirty dishes start talking to you it might be a good time to start taking the crazy pills

Killer Whale Attacks a Woman

Seemed to me like Keiko just wanted his turn riding her, seemed only fair

Killer Whales Attack Seals

Those seals just entered a world of fuck. And the message at the end is very valid

Sneaky Penguin Evades A Killer Whale

The whale must have been pissed off, isn't that technically cheating?

Beach Umbrella Hits a Woman at the Beach

Killer beach umbrellas, just that much more scarier than a pissed off Gorilla with rabies

Suicidal Moroccan Girl Attempts to jump Out a Window

She'll really want to kill herself when she sees that killer plumber's crack she was sporting

Killer Jackrabbit Attacks Crows

The lesson of the story here, don't fuck with rabbits or hares, they will eat you alive in front of your whole family

Girls Dress Catches Fire at her Birthday Party

Flaming cocktails + Flammable dress + A killer butterfly on a mission of destruction = A recipe for disaster

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