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MSN Prank

Always make sure your friends have no way of getting a hold of your MSN or any other of your instant messaging accounts, or else something hilarious like this could happen to you

We Suck Prank

One of the students at the opposing teams school planned this elaborate prank against the other team. He got them to hold signs up at the start of the 3rd quarter that spelled "WE SUCK". Too bad he got expelled afterwards

A Lapdance With Death

I think we should learn about his troubled childhood and all the things that made him shoot that guy. Then we should give him a hug and tell him its not his fault. Maybe hold his hand and sing coombaya.

Female Cop Gets Taken For A Ride

This chick better hold on for her life.

Woman Trapped In A Boat

Honestly could there of been enough workers to hold a father and son back from trying to save that woman?

Fireman Lets Go of The Ladder

Hold on, let me go get the marshmellows.

Sneaky Pizza Man

I'll have a cheese pizza, hold the gravel.

Defendant Punches His Lawyer In The face

If I was the judge, I'd reduce his sentence after that and hold the lawyer in contempt of court. That's just me though.

Purse Snatcher Drags a Woman Along

Must have had her paycheck in there to hold on that tight while he dragged her along caveman style

Kangaroo Kicks & Punches a Female Zookeeper

Kangaroos have never been able to hold their booze too well

Drunk Chick Licks Beer Off a Floor

Someone can't hold their liquor, as in that someone who spilt the beer to begin with

Shotgun Bandits Hold Up a Drugstore

At least they remembered to grab a few packs of smokes on the way out, the Marlboro Man would be proud

Police Storm a Suspects Vehicle

That's a lot of cops to hold down one guy, well better safe than sorry

Mouth Rocket

Well that's a quick way to get your face ready for Halloween, just make sure to hold onto that rocket tight with your teeth


"Hold ya Zorses", just doesn't have the same kind of ring to it

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