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Xbox 360 Freak

Xbox360- $450.00 Wrapping paper- $3.00 Making an ass out of yourself and having your buddy post it on the internet- priceless

Extreme Arm Wrestling

Those people that bitch about Nascar not being a real sport are going to freak out over this one.

Kids Freak Out After Getting a Playstation 3 for Xmas

Tisk tisk, using the lords name in vain like that at Christmas, I have sent my report to the pope

Big Guy Pounds on Another Guys Head

Why they were fighting no one knows, but the more important question is what the hell kind of a freak dance was that around the 16 second mark

Girls Freak Out on a Ride

"I don't wanna do it" Well it's too late to back out now muhahahha

Freak Accident at a Construction Site in Egypt

This guy obviously didn't have luck on his side, and what are the chances of someone catching that on video? Probably the same as getting hit around the head by a telephone pole

Freak Crane Accident

That's got to be one of the weirdest ways to leave this world, be it fake or not

Greatest Freak Out Video EVER

After this kids mom deletes his WOW account, this kid flips shit.

Freak Pops His Eye Out With A Spoon

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Freak Soccer Accident On Tape

Great footage of my sneeze which was heard around the world.

Speeding Ticket Freak Out

This woman REALLY hates speeding tickets.

Kill It With Fire

What the hell is wrong with this mutant freak?

The Craziest Freak Accident Ever

She zigged when she should a zagged. Somebody didn't play many sports.

Ever Seen An Armless Man Freak Out?

It's probably a lot funnier than you'd expect.

Jon Lajoie - You Are Not Alone

Needles really freak him out, so it's understandable.

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