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Crazy Guy Sets Him Self on Fire

Some crazy Iranian guy sets him self on fire in London - :O

Your Manhood is on Fire

Always got to be careful around barbeques

Night of Fire - Crazy Japanese Music Video

This music video is so great for so many reasons - :D

Auction by a Burning Building

These days you even have to take part in an auction to be saved by the fire fighters

Fire Ball Explosion

Bunch of firemen get caught in a fire ball

Cubicle War 2006

I think the office boss needs to pay more attention to his job and fire these two clowns

La Cucaracha

La cucaracha, la cucaracha, ya no puede caminar... Some college guys spit fire onto a cockroach, I feel sorry for the little guy

More Dry Ice Fun

A few dry ice bombs, dammit, I lived such a deprived childhood and youth. I never got to blow things up, play with fire or anything like that

The Fire Dance

Hair + Fire = two stupid guys and a bad smell... oh well, makes for a mildly funny clip

Nigerian Scammers Busted by the Police

EFCC bust Nigerian 419 scammers in a cybercafe, I loved the part where one of the Nigerian officers goes "fire, fire, WOOHOO WOO"

Crazed Pastor Rains Fire on Colbert and Stewart

"Reverend" Fred Phelps (best known for picketing funerals with "God Hates Fags" signs) goes off on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on his hate-filled website

A Bear on a Trampoline does a Faceplant

A small bear falls out of a tree onto a trampoline set up by the fire department, the poor little guy also does a face plant off the trampoline

Toyota Pickup Destruction - Top Gear

The top gear crew tries to find out how tough a Toyota pickup truck actually is by putting it through several trials, including drowning it, thrashing it with a wrecking ball, driving it into trees and walls, dropping it from a crane, dropping a caravan on top of it and of course setting it on fire

Cop Tasers Nightclub Shooter

A cameraman happens to be with a police officer as a man opens fire inside a nearby Fairbanks nightclub (called Area 51). The cop and cameraman are outside as the shooter fails to make an escape and gets tasered

The Getaway - Top Gear

Jeremy tries to find out whether a Porsche or a Mercedes is a better getaway car by driving through an urban warfare training village under heavy fire from the Irish Guards sniper squad

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