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Bruno - Fashion Show

Bruno (aka Ali G, Borat) investigates if consistency is important in fashion as he chats with fashion designers and models (all egotistical and self-absorbed)

Japanese Coach Gives a Wrestler a Beatdown for Losing

When not coaching, he's doing his other job, working for the fashion police

Fashion Designer & Photographer Fall Through a Runway

Must be the new fall fashions. They're outta sight

Walk It Out

Can't believe how well this goes together... almost like it was choreographed just for the song. And these women obviously took fashion advice from Fred, from Scooby Doo

Birds Setting A New Fashion Statement

PETA, unless you're going to send me videos with your hot female topless supporters, don't even bother emailing me.

Bird Destroys A Can In Exquisite Fashion

I love that posture. He could easily keep the beat for the soundtrack to a movie about a kid who has ADD's life.

Teacher Hates Birthday Surprises

I think I would react in a very similar fashion.

Idiot Loses A Case On Judge Judy In Spectacular Fashion

Wow, an idiot on Judge Judy? Sounds awfully redundant.

Fixing A Broken Arm The Old Fashion Way

The big black man in The Green Mile just released like a billion of those bugs.

Shooting Things With A Cannon

What's more fun than using an old fashion cannon to blow crap up?

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