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Alkali Metals Meet Water for a Big Explosion - Brainiac

What happens when alkali metals come into contact with water? Well you get a huge explosion of course

Fire Ball Explosion

Bunch of firemen get caught in a fire ball

Explosion Compilation

If you like things that go boom this video is for you

Soldier Looses a Third of his Brain from an IED

A news story about a soldier who recovered after having lost 1/3 of his Brain from an IED explosion in Iraq

Firework Stick Breaks in a Guys Hand

A Swedish guy tries to fire a firework from his hand but the stick brakes as he is holding it. Apparently one of the girls got serious burns to her left leg due to the explosion, and one guy suffered from a popped eardrum

The Fun Life of a Stuntman

Just a little clip showing the fun stunt men get up to, like flying through the air due to an explosion

Truck Explodes in Israel

One person was killed and 6 injured when this beer truck exploded in Jaffa, Israel. The cause of the explosion was a leaky gas canister, I guess alcohol does kill after all

Steam Explosion in New York

A massive explosion caused by a steam pipe rips through Midtown Manhattan in NYC. Dang New Yorkers always blowin off steam...

Nice Way to Ruin Your Jeep

Honestly, how could you not see that coming? An explosion would have made this video complete

Explosion Nearly Decapitates a Construction Worker

Security camera footage shows a welder working on pipes when a gas buildup causes an explosion which nearly decapitates the worker. Interesting how one guy is working while 3 are watching, classic construction workers

Union Pacific Train Explosion On Camera

This cop almost gets incinerated by a giant chemical explosion.

Race Crash Turns Into Explosion

Look on the bright side, that one dude got a cremation free of charge.

Explosion Knocks a Cameraman Off a Roof

For a few seconds there, he was one with the birds

Massive Propane Fireball Explosion In Toronto

For a second there I thought the Russians were attacking

US Soldiers Blow up an Insurgent Weapons Cache

Knowing AK-47s that explosion will only dent them slightly and they should work fine for another 15 decades or so

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