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Dumb and Slightly More Retarded

These two must have been dropped numerously as children, then hit by a bus

Two 300 Pound Water Balloons

Two 300 lb water balloons, filled with laundry detergent, dropped out of a 4th floor window

Pillow Fight Results in a Grown Man Crying

Geez fella, trust me on this, it would have hurt a whole lot more if your balls had dropped yet

Melon Dropped off a Building

Sounded like even the little kid knew better than to drop a melon onto a street with pedestrians, scumbag older bother will get someone killed one of these days

Sledding Kid Slams into a Car

That sounded like a pumpkin being dropped off the roof of a 6 story building. Sleds are ace

Steamroller Accidently Dropped on Cars

Not often are the words "steamroller accidently dropped" uttered, but this is one such case

Filipino Thief Gets a Beating in a Street

Morale of the story here is don't steal, or else you end up in the trunk of a Filipino taxi probably waiting to get dropped off somewhere dead

Bartender Gets Dropped Hard

I can't say I haven't wanted to do something like this before.

Lawyer Gets Dropped By Defendant

Looks like this guy needs to start defending himself! lol

Kid Gets Dropped In One Hit

This guy got dropped faster then a conversation between a hot chick and an unemployed fatass with acne scars.

Trash Talker Gets Dropped Hard

Translation: "My shirt is off, therefore I feel I can win this fight".

Fighting Instructor Gets Dropped

It goes to show that in reality, a lucky punch can level even an experienced fighter.

Russian Dropped In One Hit

I can foresee a dental appointment in his near future.

Break Dancer Gets A Nasty Concussion

I thought they were dropped on their heads first to get them to move like that.

Little Punk Gets Dropped

The next thing said in that room was "Someone get a shovel and bring the car around."

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