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Amputee Girls Having Fun

Those are two mighty fine and sexy legs... I can't see doggy style being very stable

Persistent Dog Tries To Get In

I think its about time they got him a doggy door. lol

Why You Should Never Volunteer for a Motorcycle Stunt

When you're positioned in the traditional "doggy style" position , you're bound to get fucked

Doggy Likes Sliding Down The Stairs

I used to do something similar as a child; hence the wheelchair and breathing tubes.

Doggy Turns Yard Into A Rave Party

Same thing happened to my dog when he got into my bag of X.

Doggy Plays With A Dolphin

They tried a similar experiment with a shark. It didn't end the same.

Doggy Really Hates Haircuts

I do the same thing when my parents try to get me to trim my mullet.

Doggy Prays Before Breakfast

Fake. This Dog worships Satan.

Doggy Plays Frogger In Traffic

Why is this about a dog? It should be about a hot news reporter!

Hero Doggy Saves Another Dogs Life

Shit, I wouldn't even run into traffic to save my best friend.

Doggy That's Into Necrophilia

Talk about having low standards. He didn't even check for a pulse.

Doggy Forgets To Jump Over The Bed

That looked like that might have hurt a bit.

Doggy Can't Reach His Toy

Reminds me of when my roommates put shit on top of the refrigerator and I need to get the stool.

Which Doggy Is Guilty

I can see the shame spread all across his face.

Doggy Conga Line

They really do enjoy this sort of thing...

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