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Asskicking Device - Cool Half Life 2 Physics

Rube Goldberg’s latest Half Life 2 physics video, this time titled the "Ass kicking machine"

Creative Parallel Parking Device

Brilliant little tool for the people out there having problems parking a car into a tight spot

New Anti Car Theft Device

Try to steal this car and all you will get is a nice pair of broken arms

VBIED Goes off in Front of Convoy

A VBIED or Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device goes off at the front of a convoy, sending debris raining down on the vehicles behind

Japanese Reporter Falls 5 Stories

You would think an emergency escape device from JAPAN would be like a jet-pack or something not a few feet long duct tape

Microphone Thief

Boy did he go for the wrong electronic device

Squirrel Slingshot Footage

A new homemade device providing endless entertainment until the squirrels catch on.

UAV Footage Shows a Soldier Falling into a Big Puddle

Improvised Wet Device gets another poor soldier

Beer Opening Device Made from Lego

This is the greatest gadget to open up beer bottles I've ever seen… well apart form bottle openers

The Real Hustle - Cash Machine Scam

The Hustlers show how scammers can rig an ATM using a device that can read your card's data while a camera records your pin code. So lesson learnt, in the future spend at least 5 hours inspecting the machine before getting money out

The Floatation Device Suitcase

It can save your life, and make you look like an idiot, ALL at once! I think I'd rather drown.

Skater Chick Faceplants Hard

See, women really shouldn't be operating any sort of transportation device.

Kite Jump Sends Kid Flying

I really can't suggest a safety apparatus for this sport. I mean, a flotation device and a knee pads wouldn't even do much good.

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