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Extreme Stunt Show

Veteran Hollywood style stuntman, Tricky Travelstead from Louisville, Kentucky has defied death for 30 years in his crazy extreme stunt show

Beginners Guide to Faking Your Death on the Internet

A satirical look at fake deaths on the internet

Death By Viagra

Funny scene from Scary Movie 4, poor cat though

The Life and Death of a Pumpkin

A sad and scary story of a pumpkin, and the torture it goes through in late October

Death of a President

Set in the near future, october 2007 this drama imagines the assassination of President George W. Bush. This is the starting scene which shows Bush assassinated which is the starting point for a retrospective fictional documentary about what happened next. The scene follows with a clip from Sky News with an interview with the director

Roller Coaster and Bowling

There is death, carnage and free balloons

New Fuhrer Takes Office

Admiral Doenitz is named as successor to lead Germany following the death of Hitler. From the British comedy show "That Mitchell and Webb Look"

Shannon Elizabeth Humped to Death by Jack Frost

And here I was thinking snow men who came alive would be nice and friendly, Shannon Elizabeth begs to differ

The Sexy Deer

Never has bestiality and the death of a good friend been as funny. Strangely I found my self quite aroused by that deer too... then I noticed it was just a white guy in a suit and I cried

Girl is Knocked Unconscious After a High Jump

Falling 85ft and hitting static water usually results in extreme pain, getting knocked out or even worse, death. This chick had to learn that the hard way

Jewish Girl Prank Calls her Parents

A Jewish girl away from home at college prank calls her parents for a radio station explaining to them she is dating an Italian, which results in some priceless comments from her mother and death threats aimed at her new boyfriend from her father p.s The dad can pay for his heart attack with his Jew gold (South Park joke)

Father Puts his Baby in a Microwave

If anything deserves the death penalty its microwaving your 2 month old, sick

LAPD Officer Killed in Pileup

Extreme chain reaction vehicle pileup caused the death of an LAPD officer who was struck on his motorcycle by another vehicle.

Villagers Save an Elephant from a Well

Dumbo may live yet another day, and have another go at trying to trample the villagers to death while they sleep

Biker Rides the Wall of Death

This is an accident waiting to happen. Guys in the pit, dude on the bike, or spectators above. Place your bets folks!

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