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Pillow Fight Results in a Grown Man Crying

Geez fella, trust me on this, it would have hurt a whole lot more if your balls had dropped yet

Taser Saves the Day

I love how tough guys always end up crying after a meeting with the taser

Kid Faceplants off a Stairway

The only thing that can make an already sweet faceplant even sweeter is when the kid ends up crying... mmm the sweet sounds of pain

Kid Gets a Hammer Thrown at his Head

Too bad kid, now you have a nice bump on your forehead and a video of you crying all over the net

Skater Destroys His Sack

...And then runs home to momma crying.

Fight Comes to an End with a Guy Crying

That guy just took down the head honcho of the Bloods gang

Indian Reality Hostess Gets Slapped Hard

Whether or not you think it was a justified slap on his part is irrelevant, what's relevant is that his crying was hilarious

Cop Confiscates a Guys Skateboard

Like taking candy from a baby, along with all the crying too

Finnish Kid Flies Off a Trampoline and Cries

What's he crying for? The crack of the gutter against his skull and the branches scraping at his skin clearly slowed his fail... I mean fall

Guy Pees onto a Ferrari

I'm waiting eagerly for the next video of him crying like a little girl while the Ferrari owner takes a dump on his face

Crying Ensues After a Cop Slams a Teens Face into a Wall

The cop got suspended for only 10 days... Totally worth it

Office Girl Falls & Starts Crying

Some fat whale falls down 1 step and 6 guys come to her aid, I fall down a flight of stairs and 6 guys point and laugh at me

CCTV Captures Guys Carjacking a Hummer

Looked like he was crying there for a second, that enforces the Hummer driver stereotype

US Marine Shoots a Dog with a Smoke Grenade

They do this to get rid of the dogs since they can give away their position, but somehow I don't think a dog crying and yelping loudly right next to them is very stealthy either

Little Kid Gets a Ball Kicked at his Face

The kid started crying because he realized his dad is the Anti Christ

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