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Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit

Angel Summoner & BMX Bandit are the deadliest crime fighting duo around, well one of them is, the other is good with a BMX

Stupid Thief Tries to Lift a Safe into his Car

Great thieving skills at work here, first he struggles to get the safe through the door, then he actually keeps on trying to lift the damn thing into his car hitting his head on the door twice. Then to top it all, he leaves road marks for the cops to follow and both blood stains and finger prints at the scene of the crime

Lockup: Raw Booty Segment

Hopefully seeing this segment will frighten you enough to cause you to never commit a crime.

Argentian Mob Tries to Lynch a Man & Fight with Cops

Better not be accused of a crime in a small Argentinian town, they will straight lynch your ass

Woman Gets Arrested for Crossing into a Crime Scene

Miss hair roller obviously didn't know what goes into a crime scene, stays in a crime scene, at least until it's been thoroughly processed by Grissom and pals

Gangster Gets Beat & Hit by a Car in front of a Crime Scene

From being boyz in the hood they are quickly turning into boyz on the hood

Fat Iraqi Kid Starts Beating Other Kids Over Candy

It should be a war crime to feed this kid candy

Giant Shredder VS BMW

Whoaaa! Great for sadistic torture of two crime bosses-one goes in the car which goes in the shredder, and the other in the hopper to get pummeled with bits of steel, flesh, blood and bone, while the Junk Yard don gobbles up territory! I'm gonna start on the screenplay!

Madison Square Garden Brawl

Teenagers brawled in the stands at a high school basketball game at Madison Square Garden, I'd be willing to bet that the crime rate for the rest of the City dropped during that game

Ninja Crime Fighters Get Busted

Everyone goes through a few weird phases growing up...

Cops Searching For Butt Sniffer

I didn't realize butt sniffing is a crime. My dog is in serious trouble.

Epic Karate Kick Fail

If I was looking for a sidekick for fighting crime, she'd be top of the list.

Reporter With No Future In Crime

This is why I love the internet. Instead of being embarrassed in front of six people, his shame is now being used for the viewing pleasure of hundreds of thousands.

Undercover Cop Pulls Gun On Skater

Skateboarding is a crime. In some States and Cities.

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