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Saved By an Inch

This must be the luckiest store clerk to ever live, I hope he ran out and played the lottery next

Do You Have My Reservation - Great Prank Call

This prank call is fantastic, a guy calls a hotel desk clerk pretending to be an Indian asking about his reservation, the desk clerk cant help but laugh continuously (I actually shed a few tears watching this, laughter is great)

Robber Beats an Old Store Clerk

This robbery turned nasty as the robber beat up a 77 year old store clerk and pulled a knife on him. The robber is obviously not the type of person who donates to charities

Store Clerk Fights a Knife Wielding Druggie Woman

Drugged up and desperate for some cash, this small woman makes up for her height with her ferocity

Clerk Stabbed in Broad Daylight

Store clerk gets attacked and stabbed 3 times in what seems like a senseless act of violence, maybe the clerk gave the man the wrong chance a day earlier

My Machete is Bigger Than Yours

Machete wilding thief loses his nerve when a store clerk breaks out a foot long machete

Store Clerk Screams a Robber Out of the Store

Rob this store and all you're gonna get is busted eardrums

Clerk Fights Back Against Thieves

After being maced in the face, this old man fights back with his pistol.

Store Clerk With Bad Aim Vs. Robber

This guy might want to start going to the firing range more often.

Hammer Wielding Suspect Vs. Clerk With A Chair

Pick a side in this video. I'm not giving out any hints.

Disturbed Man Shoots Gas Station Clerk

Either hes totally batshit crazy or this was personal.

Robber Attacks Clerk With A Golf Club

As if the knife didn't already scare the hell out of the clerk, he had to bust out a golf club too.

Robber Gets Shot Dead by a Clerk

If you needed another reason not to rob, then this is it kids; Should your halfwit partner happen to be shot dead by the clerk you will have to do time for his murder

Store Clerk Opens Fire on Heavily Armed Robbers

Classic example of spray and pray, pray that it doesn't hit an unlucky patron that is

Female Clerk Pulls Her Own Gun on an Armed Robber

The minute Captain Voiceover said "Longview, Texas" I just knew there would be a bunch of guns involved. Not the best place to go attempting an armed robbery

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