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Do the Rudebox

Watch as on old granny and a chubby guy bust a few moves in the street

Nigerian Scammers Busted by the Police

EFCC bust Nigerian 419 scammers in a cybercafe, I loved the part where one of the Nigerian officers goes "fire, fire, WOOHOO WOO"

Unusual Evidence from a Drug Bust

A Maplewood drug burst reveals that there was some serious fetishes going along side the drug sales

US Military Unveils New Ray Gun

This non-lethal ray gun makes the victims feel a sudden bust of heat (130-degree Fahrenheit / 54-degree Celsius), intense enough to make people think their clothes are about to ignite

Bust a Nut!

That is without doubt a very strange fetish

Army of Cops Bust a Party

I like how the party people turned off the lights and kept silent for 5 minutes, I can just see them saying "everyone keep silent, they will probably leave"

Police Dog Makes a Big Cocaine Bust

I wonder if just like when a Police officer retires he gets a golden watch, whether a K9 gets maybe a golden dog collar. Although probably all this hero dog needs is a good pat on the back

Domestic Dispute at its Best

This little fella got stuck in the chimney trying to get back into the house his girlfriend had locked him out off. He ends up getting stuck and the fire department has to bust him out. All this obviously doesn't make his girlfriend the happiest gal in the world, so she tosses a few bottles at him, and we all know nothing says love like a forty to the face

Hockey Fight Breaks Out Before Game Starts

These guys bust out fighting before the game even gets started. That's what I call entertainment . - :twisted

Robber Attacks Clerk With A Golf Club

As if the knife didn't already scare the hell out of the clerk, he had to bust out a golf club too.

Gay Dudes Bust Out Fighting

I don't know if I can really call slapping and name calling fighting, but I think we can let this one slide.

Pedophile Breaks Cops Nose

Seems Mr. Pedophile has been bust breaking the law lately, and cop's noses too

Ball Buster - The Board Game

You try to bust your opponent's balls...What could be easier or more innocent than that?

The Ultimate Wigger Rapper

Yo step off son get out of ma grill i'm'a bust a cap in yo ass fool don't make me get ma dawgs on yo ass, it's about to get bloody in in here, I'll get ma shawty to sit on yo ass with her ghettttto bootay!

Police Drug Bust Gone Wrong

That officer is amazingly lucky to still be alive. So kids if you have learned anything from this clip it's never do drugs... without the proper backup

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