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Amazing Emergency Landing

Very well performed emergency landing in a Jet Blue plane with a broken front wheel

Guy in a Shopping Cart hit by a Car

I hope that shopping cart is ok, nothing worse than getting a shopping cart with one wheel broken

Armed SWAT Team Storm a Rave Party

An rave party in Utah was broken up by a heavily armed SWAT team who reportedly teargassed hundreds of dancers and then set attack dogs on them

Sliding Down a Very Long Escalator

The Escalator broken? In a hurry? No problem, just do what this guy does, be warned though, it comes with a lot of extra pain

Prank On Wife Backfires

This is a classic example of Karma being a bitch, so you plan on squirting a bit of water onto your wife but instead you end up with a mouth full of broken teeth

Dryer Prank Back Fires

When you dare your friend to climb into a dryer, then close the door on him and start the dryer, get ready for some broken teeth

Supermodel Stalker Prank

Italian supermodel Elisabetta Canalis is fooled into thinking a psychotic stalker has broken into her garage and it trying to brake into her car while she is in it, poor girl looked scared witless

New Anti Car Theft Device

Try to steal this car and all you will get is a nice pair of broken arms

Bike Crash Results in a Broken Leg

It pains me to see this video, mainly due to that beautiful bike getting wrecked like that

Initiation Into a Black Gang is Painful

If you have been thinking about joining a black gang, think again, unless you have a very high threshold for pain and enjoy the feeling of a few broken ribs

Kick the Cement Ball

The sounds in this video make me want to snap the spine of the person taping this, and the fact these kids could have broken their feet make me want to do so even more (not to mention one seemed to have dislocated his shoulder)

Underwater Breath Holding Record Broken by Lithuanian Siblings

Holding your breath underwater for 16 minuets? Pfft easy... for a dolphin, wait no, they need to breath every 15 minutes

Sibling Fight Gets Broken Up By an Angry Mom

Kinda sounded like the dad was cheering them along the whole time, probably trying to make men out of them

Quad Stunt Gone Bad

After a couple of very boring attempts they finally bring some excitement to this stunt, although a broken leg or at least a nose bleed would have made it better

Skater Takes his Board to the Face

Skateboarding seems to be a sport that guarantees you a few broken bones or huge gashes in your face in no time, so for those who love pain skateboarding is the way to go

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