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Geniuses on a Branch

The only thing I can come up with as to what they were possibly trying to achieve with that is they desperately want to win a Darwin Award

Branch Meets Face

Is it me or do things like this always end up with one shoe flying off the person?

Wussy Kid Gets a Skateboard Thrown at Him

If you hit someone with a branch get ready for them to strike back. This kid clearly wasn't ready for the retaliation attack

How to Quickly Knock Your Self Out with a Branch

Just when I thought I had seen it all... this happens

Tree Branch to the Face

Always nice to get a huge branch slamming into your face, especially it's so hard that your shoes fall off

Luckiest Rally Car Racer EVER

That tree branch probably could have ended up in his stomach.

Rally Car Driver Comes Inches From Death

He almost got a tree branch through the face!

Snowmobile Vs. Power Lines

Damn, I'd hate to be that tree branch.

Russian Cop Vs. Tree Branch

In Soviet Russia, tree snaps YOU.

Tree Branch VS. Power Lines

Now just imagine that branch is your worst enemy.

Angry Panda Vs. Tree Branch

He really gave that branch a piece of his mind.

Dirtbiker Gets A Branch Stuck In His Face

I must say, that looks awfully painful.

Dirtbiker Crashes Into A Branch

Well, that's better than a stick in the eye. Stick around, while I get help.

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