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Numa Painted Using Chocolate Syrup and a Spoon

This is simply amazing, the man has skills. The singing chocolate syrup bottles also added a nice touch

Skaters Spray Ketchup on a Chubby Guy

I take it skaters carry ketchup bottles around

Crazy Ways to Open up Beer Bottles

So this is what American guys get up to when they go to England to study… basically the same thing they would be doing back home, having a good time with beer

Domestic Dispute at its Best

This little fella got stuck in the chimney trying to get back into the house his girlfriend had locked him out off. He ends up getting stuck and the fire department has to bust him out. All this obviously doesn't make his girlfriend the happiest gal in the world, so she tosses a few bottles at him, and we all know nothing says love like a forty to the face

Angry Ape Throws a Bottle at a Zoo Visitor

First he learns to chuck water bottles back at littering visitors, next he'll learn to chuck explosive coconuts

Russian Man is a Little too Drunk to take a Piss

It's starting to be unnecessary to point out the drunken factor in videos from Russia, so from now on just imagine every single Russian person has had 7 bottles of Vodka too many

Russian Cops Struggle to Get a Drunk off a Motorcycle

Legal alcohol limit for driving in Russia is 3 bottles of Vodka, he had only had 2 with dinner. In reality they were taking his bike away because his insurance was expired

Musical Rollerblader

This clips is very cool, it's of a rollerblader who plays music by hitting the side of his blades against loads of bottles aligned down a street

Beer Opening Device Made from Lego

This is the greatest gadget to open up beer bottles I've ever seen… well apart form bottle openers

Pelted with Beer Bottles and Cans

Empty tinnies I could kind of understand, but full tinnies and bottles? That's just plain nuts

Clever Little Monkeys with Water Bottles

It doesn't take much for monkeys to be considered clever, all they need to know is how to bite the top of a water bottle and spill the water all over the place... but since they are so damn adorable we humans give them much praise

Worker Drops 2,000 Beer Bottles

This goes against every man law!

Chipmunk In Slow Motion

If you want to get laid, just show a girl this after 3 bottles of red wine and a lap dance.

Popping Bottles In Bottoms

And those bruises were just starting to heel from last time, too!

Insanely Lucky Basketball Shot

I could probably do that... if you gave me 500 chances and 3 bottles of Gatorade.

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