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Bikini Weather Man

This weatherman gets quite a surprise as he takes a look at his blue screen

Koolanoo - Support Your People

A funny ad for a Jewish only dating website, there is also a babe and a bikini involved

Primo MooHoppers

Crazy ad for an Australian dairy drink called Primo, which is a lime flavored milk drink (yummy). I suppose the reason for having bikini clad babes on big red bouncy balls is that it is the only way to get people to drink lime flavored milk

Bikini Street Brawl

Crazy street brawl/cat fight between bikini clad teenage girls, biting, slapping, hair pulling, scratching... its all there

The Bikini Sprint

They had credit cards running alongside the track like the rabbits for dog races

Chick Slips on a Boat

Ahh the joys of a drunk bikini glad chick slipping into a boat, thank you Mr. video camcorder inventor man

Sexy Slow Motion Ice Cream Fight

Whats better than hot girls in bikini's fighting with ice cream?

Two Chicks Fight In Bikini

New law, if two girls want to fight, they must strip down to their undergarments first. For safety reasons.

Bikini Girls Get into a Fight at a Beach

No need to act like a couple of beaches

Bikini Girl Faceplants into a Dishwasher

The funniest part about this whole thing, she is currently majoring in Physics

Coati Steals a Girls Lunch

Damn, someone spent all that hard work teaching it to steal bikini tops and then the little bastard goes straight for the food

The Foxy Flight Attendant Bikini Rap

Well now this is something you don't see every day, I'll never look at a flight attendant the same way again

Borat's SexyDrownWatch - Deleted DVD Scene

Another deleted scene from the Borat movie, and this time I actually threw up a bit in my mouth after seeing Azamat in that bikini thing

Evil Bikini Pancake Prank

I hope this guy enjoys jerking off because that's all he will be getting for the next month.

Butt Launch Fails Epically

Looks like he won't have to get that bikini wax anymore.

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