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Girls Fight in a Backyard

BBQ party gone wrong? "Bitch I said I wanted my steak medium rare"

Backyard Wrestler Lands Extremely Badly on his Neck

"Me and this guy are going out and getting drunk and raping hookers" now that sounds like a party not to miss, too bad that wrestler kid is probably dead now and will just have to miss out on all the hooker raping fun

Indoor Skydiving Performance

I'd give my left nut to have one of these in my backyard.

Huge Backyard Brawl Breaks Out

Why don't they just go fishing or something?

Punker Gets Knocked Out in a Backyard Fight

Kid's a punk to start off with, so deserves a beating

Two Girls Get into a Ruthless Backyard Fight

Tough break for the loser, not only did she get her ass beat but she also got a face full of dog saliva

Pigeon Fights a Kitten

Cockfights? Pfft please. Backyard dog fights? Give me a break. The only animal on animal fights worth betting on these days are pigeon vs kitten fights Tip: Always bet on the pigeon

Backyard Boxing Results in a Knock Out & Minor Seizure

Now that is the ultimate amateur boxing match, even the seizure was somewhat amateurish

Backyard Wrestler Gets Lit On Fire

Finally, a wrestling injury that's actually real!

Future Serial Killer On American Idol

You might want to dig up his backyard in about 15 years. The result will shock you.

Man Blows Up His Own Backyard

It's a good way to clear some space for a vegetable garden.

Country Trash Backyard Wrestling

He doesn't even need an opponent to get knocked out.

Dog Battles His Own Shadow

Congratulations, your dog is retarded. Don't even bother with obedience school, just leave him chained up in the backyard.

Pathetic Backyard Standup Comedian

As long as he keeps it in his backyard and never goes out in public with his sense of humor.

Squirrel Has An Awwww Nuts Moment

More importantly, whose pastime is filming squirrels in their backyard?

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