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Nice View, Oh look, the engines is gone - Ad Makes Fun of Accident
Adios Cowboy - Baby in the Microwave
Baby Melon - Biggest Melons Ever
Bike Accident at the Wrong Moment - Cat on the Soccer Field
Cat Orgy - Cool Hat
Cool Home Made Sandals - Crocodile Clouds
Crocodile Rider - Do Not Feed Fingers to the Animals
Do You Think Grandpa Knows What's Happening? - Elephant Made with a Hand
Elephant Massage - Flight Simulator for Nerds
Flooded after Katrina - Gay Picnic
Gay Plumber - Grandma Being Naughty Again
Grandma gone nuts - Harley Dog 2
Have a Good Landing - Help Us!!!
Hentai Bed Sheets - Huge Truck Load
Huge Truck Load 2 - I'm sure they need a larger force
I'm Sure this will Stop the Train - Jews getting ready for Battle
Jim Beam Junior - Little Perverts that Start Young
Little Piggy Lemon - Messed Up Tire
Messed Up Traffic Lights - Naked Beggars
Naked chicks on the Beach - Nice View From Up There?
Nice way to dump someone - OMFG, You Better Get Out of There
OMG, You Better Get Out of There - Pelicans Seeking Fishing Information
Penguin Airways - Poor Guy Couldn't Afford to Buy a Nintendo
Poor Guy is Being Squashed to Death - Relaxing in Mid Air
Relaxing With My Head Aside - Seperated Toilets by Sex
Serious Facebook Ownage - Show off and you can end up like this dude
Showering Prison Style - Someone has been kissing the toilet
Someone in this House really must Love Cats - Sweet and Sexy
Sweet Boobies - That is some serious Animal Porn
That Kangaroo has some balls - That's One Evil Looking Cat
That's one Evil Mascot - The Disco Squirrel
The Dog is too strong - The Peeing Beer Pump
The Pen Guy's Car - They got into a little fight
They have a lot of work ahead - This isn't the road you stupid people
This Jew knows Jew-Jitsu - Turtle Love
Turtle Soldier - Very Retarded Man
Very Rough Squirrel Sex - Well, When you got to go...
Wendy's is Hiring Losers - Where is the Damn Exit?
Where is the Dudes Head? - You Better Run Squirrel
You Better Run When He Gets Out Kenna - Zombie Clown
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