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Old Fat Racist Lady Gets Owned

I grew up thinking that the N-Word was nincompoop.

Guitar VS Head

Gives "I've got this song stuck in my head" a whole new meaning

South Korean Man Attacks a 7 Year Old School Girl

They should bring back some medieval torture technique just for this guy, how about the Viking 'blood eagle'

Bat Terrorizes a City Council Meeting

It was Dick Cheney, just checking in on things

Cool Sprite Ad

A group of friends dive right into a basketball court as if it were a pool in this awesomely trippy ad

The Pussycat Boys

These guys are just like the pussycat dolls, except maybe even sluttier

Man Forced To Eat His Own Beard

Where the HELL is the justice in this country? I was forced to eat my butthair once and I'm still working on coughing up the hairball.

Boxer Takes A Knock To The Noggin

If this guy takes a few more hits like that, hes going to end up sipping through a straw.

Parking Lot Showoffs Crash

Id sooo f*ck these guys girlfriends. - :razz

Prank Backfires and Knocks the Guy Out Cold

Wouldn't she turn on the oven first for awhile to pre-heat before opening it up to put in the chicken? Apparently getting hit on the head was the best way for this prank to end after all

Guy Tries to Do a Stoppie on a Honda for the First Time

Not a bad effort at all. But he should know it's a very expensive hobby dropping bikes

Badass Pool Shark Dog

FAKE! He forgot to call his shots.

Boobs in a Box

A parody of the "dick in a box" skit by Saturday Night Live with Justin Timberlake in it. Not remotely as good as the original but Ill give it a C- for effort The original can be seen here: [URL][/URL]

Pissed Off Horse Owns The Rider

Even the horse knows how to do a flip. He should teach some of the guys in previous videos...

Scared Mirror Monkey

A little monkey is terrified of his own reflection in a mirror, hilarious

Fatal Drifting Accident Involving a Saudi & a Sunroof

It's not just ostriches that bury their head in the sand, Saudis do too

Driver Attempt & Fails to Skip a Car Tall

With this financial crises times are tough on everyone

Blonde Saves A Man From Road Rage

This guy gets saved by a chick then doesn't even back her up. He goes and hides in his car with the doors locked.

A Hamsters First Taste of Broccoli

Every now and again we all need our dosage of cuteness, and this is as cute as it gets

Deadman Makeup Prank

I swear the guy in the yellow T-shirt had a heart attack.

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