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Man Crashes a Mini Bike in a Warehouse

The secret to an embarrassing event like that is to walk in a huge circle and drive away hoping no one saw you

Portapotty Peeping Tom

Even when you're shitting, you're not safe.

Man Gets Tased for Not Getting his License Quickly

Drive a whole 5 miles over the limit and you better be ready to having your ass tased

Kids Are So Stupid

I know more then these stupid brats. Why am I not on video?

Corvette Police Chase Results in a Crash

Damn that guy is lucky, not so lucky to get caught but lucky to live another day

Korean Man Attacks an Old Female Protestor

Regardless of whose cause is right, you don't hit a grandma, even if she is stark raving mad and eats puppies for breakfast

Sliding Beer Pong

Dear Guidos, next time leave out the "take 7" part, would have made this just so much sweeter

Skater Barely Escapes Death

Darwin almost won this one.

Guy Goes Crazy On The Repo Guy

Mental guy goes Michael Jackson crazy when they try to take his car.

BB Gun Madness Gotta Hurt

6 guys go crazy with BB guns on his friend shoot him like mad for 30 seconds from about a 3 meter distance - :O

Worst Speaker Ever

Apparently someone ditched speech class in grade school.

The Essence of Fail

This is what fail looks like in its purest form.

Ramp Jump Ends in a Faceplant

The Internet, turning faceplants into an art form since 1998

Helmet Cam of Biker Getting Smoked

I can only imagine how much of an idiot he probably looked like with a camera strapped to his helmet. I'd have hit him too.

The Wrong Way To Parent Your Kids

Don't take any tips from this guy.

Clerk Fights Back Against Thieves

After being maced in the face, this old man fights back with his pistol.

4 Year Old Narrates Game of Starcraft

It doesn't make sense that kids are born with adult sized vocal chords.

Chicken Breaks Up A Rabbit Fight

Two chickens do their best to break up a fight that could have ended in blood.

So You Thought You Can Dance...

You might want to take a few tips from these kids.

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