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Trash Talker Gets Knocked Out

Maybe next time he will keep his mouth shut.

Bike Stunt Gone Painfully Wrong

If he had a flux capacitor he could have traveled back in time and saved himself the embarrassment, but alas he does not

RC Jet Crashes Into A Fireball

You wouldn't expect that from such a little plane.

Keep Gramps Off Live TV

Maybe he was just dehydrated?

Goal Grabbing Stunt Goes Wrong

He did bend it like Bekham, his neck that is

Man Jumps Off 100 Ft Cliff Fail

Into water, chill out everyone.

Tom Hanks Yale Graduation Speech

I wish I went to a college that could get someone actually successful or famous to give the commencement speech.

Motorbike VS Police

Long video of a biker playing around with a police unit, slowing down to let the police catch up then speeding away in an instantly, the ending results quite badly for the police

Worlds Most Clueless Cops

These guys break into their house in front of a group of clueless cops.

Gunman Gets Attacked With A Chair

Once he realized his true power, he started robbing banks using only the chair.

Firefight in Iraq

Front line news footage of a firefight in Iraq between US Marines and 2 insurgents

Top Gear - Rinspeed Factory

Richard Hammond goes to the Rinspeed factory in search of the craziest and most twisted car

Heart Attack On Live Russian TV

In Mother Russia, you attack heart!

Say No to Dirt

Odd add for a toilet manufacturer, but hey, an ad with sexy ladies can never be bad (even though they might be snorting coke)

The Basketball Arcade Hero

I'd never take this bitch to Chuck E. Cheese's. She'd embarrass the hell out of me.

French Air Show Fun

Cool footage from an air show in France

Roof Jumping to a Fence Ends in a lot of Pain

I like how he fell into the handicap spot. Very appropriate

The Little Raver Kid

Techno-Viking meets David after Dentist...

Krispy Kreme: The Baddest Rapper Alive

I think he actually means that he is the most terrible rapper alive.

Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee Beer Commecials

Will Ferrell offered to do a series of commercials for free for Old Milwaukee beer. Pabst agreed. Thank GOD!

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