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Two Cranes One Accident

I like how the guy in the yellow shirt tried to use telekinesis powers to save the day. But alas the strain was to much.

Why I Hate Rollercoasters

This thing would easily give me a massive heart attack.

The God of Poker

Every shots real, and every shots awesome.


Oh man, how I wanted to reach through the screen and throw that stick for the poor dog. He wanted it so badly.

Seahorse Gives Birth

My racist friend claims this is what it looks like when Hispanic women give birth...

How'd This Idiot Get A License

Unrelated: I printed out a fake cripple parking pass to put on my car which I use all the time.

Riot Police Brutality

That guy won't be protesting again any time soon

Guy Tests out a Dog Shock Collar

Man attempts to define the use of the dog shock collar showing the six levels of shocks, Six being the most punishable. I definitely got a good laugh out of watching him in pain, damn I feel evil

Dog Risks It All To Save His Injured Friend

The video cut off too early. After he reached the side of the road, he started humping the carcass.

Dumpster Hopper Fails

Hopefully he landed on the nut rag I threw out last week.

250ml Rhythm with Redbull

This is awesome! It makes me want to drink a redbull and dance the night away

RPG Attack on a Humvee

This is Charly Tango Foxrot. Level the block!

Stupid Kid Feels the Wrath of a Dumpster

His foot got the better of him that time around

Hotel Murder Caught on a Security Camera

I actually have no information about this clip apart from that this occurred in Brazil and the suspect has still not been found

Sushi - Japanese Tradition

Humorous etiquette guide on how to properly order and consume Sushi, maa maa maa maa

Hot Chick Nails A Midget

This is totally not what you are thinking it will be. Sinner.

Drunken Disgusting Urinal Dare

Some people shouldn't be allowed to drink. This guy just so happens to be one of them.

Cameraman Gets Hit in the Head at the X Games

Camera man gets nailed by Faist while landing a backflip

Kid Tells His Mum he is an Atheist

So the worst thing about not being Christian is not getting presents on Christmas, loved his answer, short yet straight to the point

A True Stage 4 Clinger

I've heard of some girls being clingy, but I don't think anything compares to this!

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