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Impressive Street Performer

This guy should be the new drummer for one of those emo bands. Show them whose boss!

Band Player Fakes It On The Field

He got busted pretty bad. That is just plain embarrassing.

Flintstones Theme Tune Played with Hands

The Flintstones theme tune played with a pair of sweaty hands

Mouse Gets Comfy on top of a Dog

I've seen a video of dog snatch a biscuit of his nose in a split second. Apparently this mouse has not seen that video

Kid has A Massive Backflop

He tried to play it off like nothing happened, but we all know his back is burning like all hell.

Nancy Grace Owned

Nothing says news and journalistic integrity like the words, "Nancy Grace Podcast." As the fem-bot attempts to nail Paris Hilton to the wall her crew commits mutiny. Watch the crazy unfold...

The Rapping Flight Attendant

This guy busts out some beats while you take your seats.

Fat Cat Comes Through The Cat Flap

This is Garfield in real life.

Lithuanian Football Brawl

Polish football/soccer fans go Looney during a game in Lithuania

Guys Steal a Laptop in for a Repair

At first I just thought they were a couple of harmless penguins

The Best Way To Apologize To A Hot Girl

Gentlemen, take notes. If you ever slip the C word on your girl, you'll want to follow this protocol.

Python Eats Tweety Bird For A Snack

After that they gave him two kittens and some A-1 Sauce.

Swiss Mountainside Disappears

I wonder if people ever surf down landslides?

Cheetah Craps On A Safari Jeep

1 cheetah. 1 man. 1 cup.

Pedophile Pranked by Kid

Witness the pedophile caught in his natural habitat, on MSN messenger

Smelly Surprise Caught on a Security Camera

You can't get any more back to nature than this guy who left a little present in a Winnipeg mall

Public Access Host Bombarded By Prank Calls

You have to love that this guy can keep a straight face while being steadily prank called over and over for at least five minutes.

Little Kid Plays Baseball With his Brothers Head

Well that swing hit both of them, so technically they're kinda even

The Amazing Parkour Dog

My dog knows how to jump off the couch... for a treat.

Dude VS. Glass Door

He never saw that one coming... literally.

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