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Pittsburgh Pirates Have An Awesome Catch

And that's by far the most impressive thing to ever come out of Pittsburgh.

Proposal is Right

And folks, remember to have that couple spayed and neutered No one wants to see those kids

This Little Girl Will Never Ride a Sled Again

Should have had your seatbelt on little missy

The Worlds Most Obnoxious Kid

Make way for a future '80's super villain.

Soccer Player Hit In Nuts And Face

I'd probably quit and never play again.

Extra Point Kick Nails a Random Kid in the Head

That right there is deserving of another 20 points

Private Military Contractors in Iraq

In the Gulf war the ratio of private military contractors to actual military forces was 1 to 100, now it's 1 to 10. They have a rule to shoot at civilian vehicles if they are driving fast towards them as a means of stopping a potential suicide bomber, something you see happen in the video quite often. I like the video, it's weird when something entertains and horrifies at the same time

Monkey Blowjob

"Man, he's making eye contact with me".... That's your cue buddy, get in there!

Do You Know How Educated I Am?


Motorcyclist Being Chased by the Cops Breaks his Ankle

This guy didn't need any cops to beat on him for a bit, he was perfectly capable of hurting himself on his own

Bill OReilly and New Footage of his Producer

The video that has been circulating the whole net of angry old Bill now shows his producer talking smack back at Billy boy

Bird Goes Cleavage Diving

Now they just need to strap a camera up to that bird and they're in business!

Spelling Bee Kid on Jimmy Kimmel

I nearly felt bad for the kid, but yesterday's video along with the fact he is a spelling bee champion just doesn't allow me to feel any remorse for him

Best Who's Line Is It Anyway Segment

Someone start throwing vegetables at those old dying hags.

Smack My Bitch Up Prodigy - Banned Music Video

You won't see another video out there that depicts the gritty side of humanity better than this one, amazingly well directed clip and a great tune to boost

The Worlds Fastest Turtle

I love how he slowly started turning and then was like "fuck this noise, I'm outta here".

Kickass Dog Riding A Bike

I want to see him do it without training wheels!

Indian Lawyers go Rampage

Lawyers clashed with police in the Indian city of Jabalpur as they went rampage ransacking a railway station

Georgian Army Helicopter Crashes

Thatís why I would never get on one of those whirlybirds... Birds fly, men drink...

Caught Jerking It In A Public Library

Whats more embarrassing then being caught jerking it in public? Video footage.

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