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Old Man Explains Today's Youth

I do like me some Snoopy Snoopy Poop dog. He got that part right at least.

Indoor Soccer Fight

An indoor football/soccer match becomes a war zone when two players go at it on the pitch, the rest of the team quickly joins in and even the spectators run onto the pitch for a little of the action

Tunak Tunak with English Subtitles

The internet legend Tunuk Tunuk now has subtitles in English… well subtitles that are based on how the lyrics sound in English. Funny thing is the more I watch it the more I'm convinced they are the actual lyrics

Robber Gets Smashed Through Glass Door

Hopefully he robs a doctor after this. He's going to need stitches.

Anti-War Protester Gets Run Over By Driver

This hippy helps demonstrate how effective speed bumps are on slowing down a driver.

Couch Racing Disaster

How could anyone seriously doubt the safety of this here "sport", nothing safer than riding a coach down a steep hill with no breaks or steering of any sort

Say Im a Bitch

Well to be fair they both said "I'm a bitch", hence they are both bitches

Base Jumping With Skis Goes Wrong

Base jumping is always best when it's unnecessarily dangerous

Soldiers Knock Over Port-a-Potty

Looks like hes having a SHITTY day! Ha Ha, get it? Sigh...

Crazy Truck Driver VS. Train

Apparently he forgot he wasn't driving his Honda Civic.

The Best Pass Ever

Basketball really requires that you use your head to win.

Crane Falls into the Sea

This is why you shouldn't attempt to fish with cranes

Chick Catches Hair On Fire At P-Diddy Party

A luxe party at a Manhattan penthouse. Diddy hosts and livestreams video of his beautiful guests, like a model cavorting in a hot tub, surrounded by candles, one increasingly large flame—ohmigod! She's on fire! Everyone panic!

Driver Attempt & Fails to Skip a Car Tall

With this financial crises times are tough on everyone

Who's The Big Boy

I remember fighting with my older sister over who is older. I lost that one.

Baby Billie Jean Dances

He's got some serious potential. Better sign him while hes still young.

Reporter Melts Down In The Heat

Looks like all that hot weather got to his brain.

Man Fights with a Cop in the Streets

Took bystanders a bit long to help the cop out, oh well better late than never I suppose

Lego Silence of The Lambs

The ending where he mocks her screaming was the best.

Biker Destroys His Back

Looks like he'll need help carrying anything over 5 lbs after this accident.

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