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HS Hyper Doughe

How far can you travel?

HS Hydro Blast

Blast the underwater dangers

HS Square Bear Reversi

The classic strategy game. Can you beat Square Bear?

HS Ice Hockey

Score As many goals as you can!

HS If Pigs Can Fly

How many king size butties can you make?

HS Mime Mayhem

Hate Mimes ? Well shoot them from a cannon.

HS infect.evolve.repeat.

Your mission is to survive by infecting red blood cells while avoiding white blood cells and antibiotics.

HS Interabot

Collect all the gold rings to proceed to the next level. Stay away from the enemy and jump over the blocks.

HS Invaders 2002

A old school space invader game but in are time

HS Invasion of the galactic goobers

Space invaders type game

HS IQ Jumper

Jump from block to block and find your way to the exit without over-using the blocks.

HS Island Bowling

Bowling Game

HS Island Hop

Help Gilligan get the gang off the island by lighting a signal fire before a passing ship slips out of sight!

HS Island Shot

It`s sink or swim on the island. Can you "sink" enough baskets to win this game?

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