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Old Woman Craps Her Pants & Lets it Fall to the Floor

Ah yes, the ole shake-n-drop trick. We enter this world shitting our pants and leave this world shitting our pants, funny how that works

Taekwondo Knock Out

Nice spin kick sends his opponent flying to the floor, quite the Chuck Norris

Worst Woman Driver Ever

I don't think I could drive this bad, even if I tried.

Tommy Boy

Ah yes don't we all love it when a salesman decided to demonstrate his product/service by playing with and burning objects in your office

A Future Registered Voter Vs. Fire

The simple concept of stop, drop, and roll never quite occurred to him. It's probably better that way.

Guy Gets Tasered for 100 Dollars

$100 is what this guy got for letting his friend shoot him with a full powered 5 second taser shot…that's the quickest 100 bucks he's ever made

Baby Got Scared

Disney is evil, the whole company was created to scare little babies like this one. Have you ever ridden on that Its a Small World ride, that song will drive you to kill people, all those little chucky looking dolls dancing around. Disneyland is not a happy place - :@

Driver Doesnt See a Kids Ramp in the Street

Either that's a blind person behind the wheel, or someone with a secret desire to be stuntman

Henry The Hoover Does Cocaine

Wow, it's a helluva drug.

Mormon on a Bike Tackled

I wonder what would ever drive a man to tackle a poor Mormon on a bicycle... o that's right, could be the fact he doesn't like being woken up by the doorbell every other day at 6AM. The Mormons gave him a nice beating though

Shopping With A Mask On

Want to get some extra attention at the store? Heres an easy way.

Suspect Manages to Drive Over Himself

If I were him I'd sue the driver

Mugger Fails Miserably

This just confirms my theory that all asian's are secretly ninjas.

The Knockout Karate Chop

He also does kids parties!

Two Russian Chicks Beat Up A Dude

Russian women scare me. Maybe its because they remind me a lot of guys.

American Idol Screamo Fail

Wow, I wish I could put that on replay so it could help me fall asleep at night.

Finish Strong Motivational Video

I'll finish strong all over his face.

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