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The Luckiest People Alive

It's either luck or skill, you be the judge.

Best Truck Driver Ever

Didn't even have Smokey back there to tell him which way to turn there wheel!

Stevie Wonder Tumbles at Obama Rally

Stevie "Wonder"s where that step went

Cops Go Below The Belt

Cops take aim a little lower with their pepper spray bullets!

Interesting Find During A Drug Bust

Thank GOD they were able to take that contraband out of the house. God only knows what they would have done with it.

Fan Dies Catching A Baseball

I'm a pretty diehard fan, so I'd say it was worth it.

Gayest Wrestling Takedown Ever

So gay... yet so effective...

Kill It With Fire

What the hell is wrong with this mutant freak?

The Trippy Cow Dance

Smoke a few bowls of uhh... tobacco then try watching this. I dare you.

Dont Judge too Quickly

Don't judge too quickly and also don't pimp out your daughters either, even though this guy wasn't I just wanted to get that message across

Canadian News Gets Real

Remember to lock your doors tonight, Canada.

A New Dance In School

I'm a college graduate and I can't figure this out. I think that means I need drugs.

Coke Smugglers Dump On The Highway

So that's how those white lines get on the road...

Samurai VS Cockroach

To hell with the cockroach spray, I'll just use this here sword...

Preacher Gets Punched in the Face

God moves in mysterious ways

Guy Ashes On His Girlfriend

Looks like he won't be getting any for quite some time!

Lazy Tractor

Mr. Russian constructor worker on his way home from the bar after a few too many dry Vodkas

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