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Amazing Guitar Player

This guy probably gets more ass than a toilet seat.

Magician Messes Up Knife Trick

That will leave a good mark! Real smooth, slick.

Speeding Ticket Freak Out

This woman REALLY hates speeding tickets.

WoW Kid Has Another Freakout

Steven HATES any sort of exercise. Especially when its really GAY!

Worst Playground Idea Ever

They really could have come up with some better ideas than this.

Fat Guy Gets Hit By An Ice Cream Truck

Looks like Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal is cleaning up the hood.

Epic Boomerang Ownage

That's one way to break up with your girlfriend.

What Snake Venom Does To Blood

Remind me to stay far, far away from venomous snakes.

Israeli Soldier Sets a Teargas Grenade off in a Jeep

That second grenade thrown at the crowd probably had no effect, the crowd was already on the ground cracking them selves up with tears of laughter

Iranian Wheelie Stunt Goes Not as Planned

That itchy ass won't bother him anymore

Skater Kid Gets a Nut Shot Before Face Planting

The real pain came later on when he realized the fall broke his iPod

Cool BMX Tricks of An Unusual Variety

I bet you haven't seen many tricks like this before.

Hostage Taker Takes Charge

Not going to lie, that was pretty damn badass!

Dumbass Runs Through A Glass Door

What the hell was he thinking?

Double Paintball Gun Headshot

Apparently getting shot in the head also hurts your nuts?

Would He Run Or Walk?

If chased by ninjas, would the worlds fastest walker run or walk?

The Worst Ballerina Ever

She should try another sport. Like rugby.

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