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Worst Wheel of Fortune Guess Ever

It's scary to think that this guy has a drivers license.

Lake of Lava Eats Garbage

Ha! This is how we could start saving the environment!

Female News Reporter Faints During a Live Broadcast

The fainting was funny, but the set behind her falling on her head was the icing on the cake

Man Throws Himself Into Russian Politics

For the record, the guy did live. What a great way to make a statement.

Man Punches A Photographer In The Face

I wouldn't want someone snapping photo's of me on a bad hair day either.

The Best Personal Garage Ever

Hmmm... which car should I take to work today? The Murcielago or the Ferrari F50?

White Tiger Turns A Worker Into A Snack

Humans, the other white meat.

People's Court Argument

Its amazing these TV judges are allowed to keep their judicial jobs, even though I think the guy was a bit out of line too

Cool Basketball Trick Shot

I highly doubt I could pull that off.

Being Britney

See what it's like being Britney Speers for a day, mmm food

Balls Out Jeans

If that ever becomes fashionable I might have to consider suicide

Proof Size Doesn't Matter

I want to know how he got up there.

Party Boy In India - Jackass 2

Deleted scene form Jackass 2 the Movie, where Party Boy dances in his little thong with the local ladies

Gruesome Ankle Snap

This fat kid somehow manages to break his ankle when jumping over a friend.

Star Wars Themed Flight Announcement

Why can't the flights I go on be this cool?

This is Living

Life doesn't get much better than that, only thing that could have possibly made it any better would have been a juicy steak

Hilarious Airplane Video Clip

Get it together woman!

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