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Girl from Big Brother Croatia Falls off a Counter

So let me get this straight, the attention whore in red couldn't stand being less of an attention whore than the one in blue, so she decided to do something about it and instead went slamming hard to the floor

Cop Gets Dropkicked

It's not easy being a Chilean cop during a riot, especially with people dropkicking you

Old Man Eats Live Snakes

I know a girl that will eat your snake in a parking lot for $25.

Falling Asleep at the PC

That's me every weekend when I sit down to do the daily updates (which is why they sometimes don't get posted then - :red )

Extra Nutty Muffins

Who doesn fresly baked muffins sprinkled with some crazy

Microwaving A Box of Wine

Tune in next week for microwaving a mdiget!

Cop Shoots at a Suspects Car then Tasers Him

Asking a cop to shoot you just after he had shot twice at your car is just begging to be, well shot. Luckily for the suspect the cop had his taser drawn the second time

Another Invisible Rope Prank

If I saw two people doing that, I'd speed up... but that's just me.

George W Bush The Jedi - Robot Chicken

George Bush fights Abraham Lincoln with a light saber

Pilot Pulls A Prank On His Friend

Pretending to fall asleep at the wheel of a plain. CLASSIC! Nothing like giving your friend his second heart attack.

Amazing 180ft Hockey Goal

I bet that goalie got gang raped by his team after that game

Skateboarding Bulldog Crashes into a Wall

No animals were injured during the filming of this video… well except for Darla the skateboarding dog of course

How To Break Your Neck On A Treadmill

I don't think I need to point out that treadmills are meant for your feet.

When a Whole Magic Show Goes Wrong

Another segment from "When Magic Tricks Go Wrong". This features magician Harry Blackstone and his "amazing" halftime show during an American football game

Anchorman Caught Without Pants

HA! I knew they never wear pants during broadcasts.

Dutch Tuba Player Trips a Little Annoying Kid

Have a nice trip kiddo. See you next fall

Monster Truck Backflip

This is one of the rare cases where one of our videos doesn't featuring someone failing miserably.

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