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Man Wrestles A Crocodile

...I wish I was best friends with a crocodile.

Extreme Pete the Skateboarding Dog

The other 13 skateboarding dogs in this world have nothing on Pete

Kid Does Wheelies on a Dune Buggy

This kid can also fly a military fighter jet using only his nose

Slowmotion Lightning

A slow-motion capture of lightning striking the ground.

Shark Bites a Guy in the Foot on a Fishing Boat

You put your left foot in... and you shake it all about

The Turn From Hell

This makes taking my bike to work every morning look even better.

Girl Hits a Drunk Guy Across the Head with her Shoe

Getting hit across the head with a high heel shoe was nothing compared to the fall he took from being tackled by his friend, so much for trying to keep your drunken friend from hurting him self

Uni the Hedgehog

This is Uni, he is cute, the only thing he knows is being cute, so don't expect any cool tricks form him like riding a bicycle, building a rocket or directing a porno

Cameraman Catches a Horrific Murder as a Woman Screams

In all honesty you will be relieved that the title is a bit misleading, but you'll still be left shocked

Talk To Your Kids About Sex PSA

What's a Cleveland steamer?

Brawl Breaks out in a Taco Bell Parking Lot

Apparently the white/silver truck slammed into the sedan trying to cut in front of them at a drive thru Taco Bell. Clearly they are just a bunch of nachos Yo quiero road ragero!

Freestyle Canoeing

This could be the gayest thing I've ever seen.

Motorcycle Crashes into the Side of a Car in Serbia

Another motorcycle crash, another idiot moving the injured guy's neck around d like a ragdoll's

Skidmarks, the Ultimate Turn Off

For those of you who wear tightie whities, bleach is the answer

Turkish Police Drag a Woman Along by the Arms

That looked pretty fun actually, body surfing. Too bad about the rug burns

Turks Stone a Bear to Death

A bear was stoned to death by villagers as it cooled down in a river in the eastern Turkish city of Bingol. Anger and sadness are my only emotions when I see acts likes this

Dry Ice Bomb Fun in the Forest

Don't try this at home kids, but if you do, all you need is dry ice, water, and a Gatorade bottle

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