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Crazy Gang Shoot Out in a Brazilian Street

Like the "A" Team, lots of guns and shooting, but no one gets hit. How Hollywood

Tree Huggers Attack a Guy for Carving into a Tree

They caught a squirrel pissing in a tree earlier that day, that squirrel's family later got 5 packages in the mail, each one contained a body part of said squirrel

Fat Bitch Can't Mount A Horse

That's not the only thing she can't mount...

Bringing Down The Warehouse

The unemployment line just got a little longer.

Non-Gay Way To Pass Time At An Airport

Seems like those guys have been very similar positions with each other before.

Kid Falls Through The Ceiling During Class

I think he took a wrong turn in the vents, the kitchen was to the right.

Overloaded Indian Train

You should see the line for the onboard bathroom

Drunk Idiot Breaks A Table

That was really graceful.

Motorcyclist Dodges Death

I think he was yawning with eyes closed through all of it too.

Lightsaber Chops Up Grandma on Christmas

This is exactly why young Pepe Skywalker shouldn't play with lightsabers

The Highly Agreeable Lamb

There isn't much this lamb doesn't agree with.

Lightning Bolt Strikes A Plane

I bet that scared the hell out of the passengers!

Flamethrower vs RC Plane

Finally pyromaniacs have something much better to do than torching down houses

The Dancing Techno Baby

That baby takes 3 ecstasy pills every morning with his cereals

Dog And Cat Fight Over Cheeseburger

Apparently in the animal kingdom, sharing isn't caring.

Jamaican Cop Falls Out of A Truck

Ey mon, you might wanta check your seatbelt.

Frisbee Golf Nut Shot Game

Disc golf: giving stoner's another excuse to get high in the woods since 1995.

Trojan Horse still Works

Even after two thousand years of this famous military conquest legend, the Trojan horse still works like a charm

Truck Ramping Fail

Ever wonder why your insurance is so damn expensive?

Jim Gaffigan On Being Lazy

Couldn't agree with this man more right now.

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