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Fat Chinese Kid Sings Whitney Houston

His freakishly amazing voice will open doors to opportunity. The chili bowl haircut will make him a superstar.

Jedi Fights Geese

Why doesn't stuff like this happen outside of my window?

Sand Sledding Fail

This dude goes sledding behind a car in the sand and falls off.

Deaf Man Gets hit by a Train and a Car

Bet he never heard that coming

Two Guys Beat a Thief Who Stole Their Friends Jewelry

Drive-by shootings are so 90's, Drive-by fist beatings are all the rage in Venezuela these days

The Coolest Catch I've Ever Seen

Good thing I was sitting on the toilet when I watched this, because I just shit myself.

First Time Skydiver has a Messy Accident

He didn't really throw up. His stomach just fell at a faster rate than the cheeseburger he was digesting

The Most Embarrassing News Blooper Ever

You're going to have a hard time beating this one. Should have called it a news POOPER! HAAA!

Budweiser Wasabi

Dookie from the Whassup! gang has fun in a Japanese restaurant as he realises the joys of Wasabi

Gruesome Ankle Snap

This fat kid somehow manages to break his ankle when jumping over a friend.

Lewis Black on Religion

Well the title says pretty much all that needs to be said, standup comedian Lewis Black discusses Religion and Science

Bobcat Battles A Rattlesnake

This must be one of the many activities of a rattlesnake when bored.

Deer Fails At Jumping A Fence

Not the most graceful deer ever.

Monster Truck Announcer Eats His Words

A man who just weeks before this defended the safety of monster truck rallies gets plowed over!

Theif Shoots His Nuts

Keeping the gun in the waistband might not be such a good idea after all.

Man with Knife Gets Taken out by Annoyed Neighbor

Once you sit on a nice looking M3 like that you deserve a little beating

Just Filling The Tank Up

Nothing better than watching security camera footage of people doing stupid things and not giving up on their stupid endeavors, take this woman for example trying to fill up her gas tank

Hocker Player Owns His Own Teammate

If this was soccer the guy would have to be helicoptered out. And yes, I know there is a roof.

Spray Paint + Fire=Amazing Art

This guy makes having a major in Art a lot more badass.

Chick Freaks Guys Out On Chat Roulette

They went from having raging boners to raging hearts in about 4 seconds.

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