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Pet Squirrel

This guy has a pet squirrel.

Machete Wilding Thieves Rob a Security Guard

When men come after you with big knives and you are unarmed, you run, run very far away

Baseball Hits a Pitcher in the Head

That's what he gets for throwing everything outside

Sprayer Hose Vs. Weakling

That's some serious recoil. This guy definitely shouldn't take up skeet shooting.

Accident While Gutting A Deer

Excuse me while I go throw up.

Nature Anthem By Grandaddy - Music Video

I wanna walk up the side of the mountain, I wanna walk down the other side of the mountain… man all this walking making me bloody tired

Xbox Live Kinect Bitch Slap

A new guilt free way to smack your kids around!

Man Catches Fire While Pumping Gas

Danger: No cellular phones nor men engulfed in flames allowed near the pumps please

Bottle Explodes Into Guys Nuts

If his balls have in fact dropped, they are gone now!

Kid Causing Trouble in a Mall Gets Caught by Security

His Indian tribal name should be 'Walks like ten men but screams like ten little girls'

Why You Shouldn't Do Drugs

This lady had to be tasered 7 times to get her to shut up.

Hugh the Town Drunk - That Mitchell and Webb Look

Another funny sketch by the comedy duo Mitchell and Webb, this time about a town drunk and his methods of not seeming like an alcoholic

Guy Sticks his Face into a Fire Ant Hole

And for his next trick he is going to wear this beehive like a hat

Lions Attack a Giraffe in front of a Family on Safari

Wait a minute, I've seen the Lion King and I'm pretty sure those lions are supposed to break out into a happy song about diversity now

Bunch of Fun Moments Between Spaniards & Bulls

The world has completely the wrong idea about the Spanish and their bull related leisure's, in reality Bulls and Spaniards are best buddies, BFFs 4 eva!

Singing Diss on Jerry Springer

Singing normally doesn't lead to a fight, but this is Jerry Springer where everything ends in a fight

Man Gets Brutally Attacked Outside a Russian Club

Well it's official, I'm not planning on going to a Russian nightclub any time soon

Applying Appropriate Pelvic Thrust

You never want to thrust too hard. Don't wanna pull a hammy.

Will Ferrell Must Be Hard To Work With

This guy is just too damn funny.

Brazilian Prisoners Try to Escape the Guards

Bare feet + Warm ground, can't blame them if they just want to keep moving

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