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Guy Has a Friend Drive Over his Arm

And the plan seemed so flawless, he even had on his awesome lucky shorts

Feeding the Dogs

These hunting dogs at a French Chateau are amazingly well disciplined, first I thought they were all going to attack the feeder

Amazing Mind Reader

Remember boys and girls! DON'T DO FACEBOOK! JUST DON'T!

Idiot Gets Kicked By A Horse

This guy gets absolutely pummeled by a horse. What an idiot.

Stupid Kid Falls Through The Roof 4 Times

I guess he thought it was "fourth times the charm".

Why Street Bikes Dont Make Good Dirt Bikes

After seeing countless videos like this, you could argue that helmets actually hinder evolution. BAN HELMETS!

What Cocaine Is Like

Looks pretty accurate to me.

Little Kid Gets Hit in the Face Hard by a Soccer Ball

Just like the matrix, only Neo would have dodged it

Driver Has Clever Revenge

Obviously someone knew this road very well. That was brilliant.

Pedestrian Gets Hit by a Car

Just after the car slams into the guy you can see the soul floating up to the pearly gates of heaven

Pound Coin Domino

Watch as 10,000 pound coins go around a house for some spectacular domino fun

Minefield Rescue Goes Tragically Wrong

I'd take my chances trying to run through the god damn field.

Villagers Trap Burglars Inside the House They are Robbing

Burglars trapped like rats, a hostage situation, an innocent man beat by the crowd... and all that just on a Tuesday afternoon, you should see the crazy shit that happens there on Friday nights

Exercise Machine Owns MMA Fighter

He got his ass handed to him.

Hot Chick Doing Squats

I just thought you'd find this video as interesting as I did. Scientifically and all.

Dumb and Slightly More Retarded

These two must have been dropped numerously as children, then hit by a bus

Reporter Falls Into Crap Infested Waters

Let's just hope he had no open wounds or he's going to end up with more diseases then a soldier after Vietnam.

Phillies VS. Mets Fans

Isn't there a man law against pouring your beer on another mans head. What a waste.

Judge Judy PMS's On Plaintiffs

Judge Judy takes her menstrual cycle to the court room. What a bitch.

Painful Sports Bloopers

Compilation of funny sports bloopers

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