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Mechanical Lion

I don't know what the practical point of such a contraption would be but I hear the ladies love 'em

Idiot Runs Himself Over With His ATV

He had to have a few lessons off Ozzy Osbourne before he finally had it nailed. Good for him!

3 Year Old Finger Painting Genius

This kid should be making street portraits in NYC for $950 a piece

Tree Branch to the Face

Always nice to get a huge branch slamming into your face, especially it's so hard that your shoes fall off

Brutal Vehicle Crashes Compilation

Some of the best automobile crashes of all time. When I say best, I mean craziest.

Hole In The Ground News Report

Wow, talk about ground breaking news. GET IT? PUN-SO-INTENDED!

Mr Inappropriate #2 - Balls of Steel

Mr. Inappropriate is back, and I highly suggest you not take an English class from him

Chubby Little Kid Slaps his Mother & Gives her an Earful

If your child doesn't cower in the corner when you come home, then you have failed as a parent

Russian Throws his Washing Machine at a Repo Man

Jokes on him, they were coming for his dishwasher

Very Drunk Russian Girl Tries to Make it Home

We are now offering a finder's fee of $500 to anyone who can find a video of a Russian (man or woman) who isn't either drunk as a skunk or engaged in a fight of some sorts. Legal note: We aren't.

ATV Stunt Destroys A Guys Face

This guy has to be borderline retarded to even consider agreeing to such a stunt.

Swedish NeoNazi Brutally Beats a Guy Up

Sweden has kept it self so neutral that even its neo-Nazi's don't discriminate against one racial group, beating on whites is fair game too

Top 10 Low Pass Flyovers

You know you're one badass mofo if you can have a plane fly right over your head like in #3 and not even flinch. That or just deaf and blind.

Weightlifter Squats 1000 Lbs, Pukes, Then Passes Out

Sounds a lot like my average Saturday night, except minus the whole exercising part.

Burglar Gets Treated for Nasty Machete Wounds

This burglar had broken into a house and turned his attention to raping the woman who lived there, luckily for her (and very unluckily for the burglar) the husband arrived home just in time and attacked the burglar with a machete. I say give the scum an aspirin and send him on his way

Guy Gets A Surprise Nap

Guys in track suits are always overly aggressive.

Hallway Stunt Turns To Pain

The sad part is that alcohol wasn't even involved.

Brutal Head Kick Knockout

Apart from kicking a girl in the face, the other easiest way to paralyze her from the waist down is marriage.

Nature Anthem By Grandaddy - Music Video

I wanna walk up the side of the mountain, I wanna walk down the other side of the mountain… man all this walking making me bloody tired

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