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Hot Chicks Need Attention

Every girl has a little bit of stripper in her.

Man With A Fear of Vampires

Of course the only logical solution is to plant tons of garlic plants.

Fight Breaks Out At Taco Bell

I get pretty upset too when someone messes up my order.

Why I Love Drunk Girls

Despite the fact they put out, they also give lap dances at sporting events.

Filipino Mass Transit

And I thought sidecars were a nerdy way of getting around.

The Creepiest Infomercial Ever

Unless you needed information on erotically exploring your anus, you will find this quite creepy.

Pigeons Stalk an Old Man

At the 22nd mark he can clearly be seen saying "quick, this way guys, i know a shortcut!"

Bitch Plows Into A Liquor Store

I think she was trying to show them how much they need a drive thru.

Disgusting Sewer Explosion

I knew I shouldn't have ate that last bean burrito last night...

The Rules of War - The Whitest Kids U Know

The British learn the Americans don't play fair or according to the set rules. Like they say, all is fair in love and war

Pedophile Pranked by Kid

Witness the pedophile caught in his natural habitat, on MSN messenger

The Biggest Loser On Deal or No Deal

I would go home and kill myself.

Cats Play Patty Cake

Whats up with the monitors in the back ground? Is that some kinda cat video conference?

Motorcyclist Makes A Swift Recovery

Some call it luck, I call it skill.

Boy Makes Amazing Basketball Shot And Girl Is Unfazed

Her dad probably beats her... at basketball.

Ja Ja Ja Jaaaaaaaaaa Jiiiiiii

Not much to say about this video except it is flipping crazy

When Mentos Rockets Go Wrong

Ahhh joy, the laugh of a thousand banshees

ARCA Racer Dies in a Brutal Crash

Having spotters is a luxury only NASCAR drivers get

Running From A Cop Is A Bad Idea

When you have fists of testosterone, who really needs a tazer?

Sledding Stunt Ends In Broken Hip

This idea probably seemed awesome in the beginning. Not so much after.

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