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12 Shots, 1 Faceplant

I hope for the sake of his manliness those 12 shots were of Czech Absinth, and not 12 apple schnapps

Microphone Thief

Boy did he go for the wrong electronic device

Don't Stop Me Now

I liked how when he got to Fahrenheit he just said fuck it, i'm British and don't know what that shit is.

Jeep Gets Pulled From The Mud

At least the stereo is still recoverable.

How To Catch A Kangeroo

That looked far, far too easy. Did he give that kangaroo the date rape drug?

Ghost In Car Accident

A clip showing a supposed ghost hitchhiker being picked up and then causing a car accident. I think I saw the Easter Bunny robbing the Tooth Fairy by the side of the road also

Mercedes Has A High Speed Crash On Autobahn

Some people need a speed limit just because they don't know how to drive above 90 MPH.

Batman Robs A Drive Thru

I always knew Batman was black because he never goes out at night without Robin'.

Ill Be Ready - Music Video

Relive the experience of Bay Watch with this music video, but let's face it, just like with Bay Watch the only reason why we are watching this is because it has hot babes

Road Rage Caught on Tape from a Limo Bus

The clip could really use a crowbar and a drunk celebrity, but you can't always get what you want

Smokin' for Better Health

I love the 50's, everything was just so simple. Communists are bad, smoking is good, you can beat your children and no one says a thing, only 5 channels on TV, mothers stayed home drank cocktails and took sleeping pills so they didn't have to feel the crippling loneliness of their lifes. Also that lady was smokin! Pun very much intended

Skateboardings Not For Old Fat Men

That kids going to grow up to look just like his dad.

Hockey Coach Goes Wild

It's not just a sport, ITS A WAY OF LIFE!

Korean Ball Bouncing Fun

If I'm seeing this right he's using his penis as a pogo stick... living proof that cock push ups are worthwhile

Police vs Thief on a Bike

Newsflash: bikes aren't the best choice when trying to get away from police cars What's you name? MY NAME IS ******!!!

The Ultimate Failed Dunk

By definition, you have to be in possession of a ball first in order to "dunk", hence he fails double

Showoff Pilot Crashes And Burns

Good thing he went out looking really, really cool.

Run Prison Gueard Run

Not the best idea to be playing around with prisoners…

Drunken Idiot Gets Knocked Out

What's with drunk people and getting hit in the face?

Lions Brutally Attack a Sick Hippo & Start Eating it Alive

This confirms my suspicions, lions are terrible back masseuses

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