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Chinese Teacher Beats a Group of Students

And this is why the Chinese are so excellent at math, if they can't solve (x+5)2 = x2+10.25x*30 they get beat

Funny Bobsled Wardrobe Malfunction

Looks like those pants were a little too tight.

Shocking Theme Park Accident

This is why I avoid cheap theme parks.

Insane Girl Goes Off on an Elderly Lady on a Train

What a charming young lady, somebody get her a record deal pronto. And I guess she might be pressing charges, just a hunch

Dutch Burnout Fun

Even the Dutch have their share of Rednecks

Flaming Shot Gone Bad Causes Panic

Lucky for him his gay porn collection didn't burn

Cop Gets Hit By A Car And Still Makes The Arrest

I hope he got some retribution in those bushes.

Pizza Store Worker Knocks Out a Robber

Not only did he punch him hard enough to knock him out, but he punched him so hard the robber's hair flew right off

D-Back Fan Wrestles Ball From A Chick

This guy must lack a lot of social skills. I'd love to see his e-harmony profile.

Referee Wins The Fight

Most ref's might be blind, but they aren't to be messed with.

Lame Fight Erupts Between 2 Drunks on the Subway

That looked more like mating than fighting to me

Rugby Put To The Face

That might have actually put his teeth in line. Good alternative to this thing American's call braces.

Dirtiest Fighter Ever

The guy in the pink had a right to be angry. No one should have to wear a shirt like that. How would you feel if you had to walk around in a pink shirt?

Multiple Truck Accidents on Italian Highways

I'm guess the driver of the car coming in the other direction in the last clip, left a huge brownie in his pants

Middle School Girls Brawl

Damn, these girls are VICIOUS!

Hilarious Shake Weight Prank

I would have probably have had the cops called on me.

400 Lb Man Runs Loose

Lock your doors at night.

Hockey Coach Goes Wild

It's not just a sport, ITS A WAY OF LIFE!

Car Runs Over a Skaters Leg

Driver should be arrested for not backing up and finishing the job

Kid Makes his Own Backdoor Rollercoaster

That was an obvious accident waiting to happen, but I'm glad the kid went along with it anyways

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