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Bruno Interviews an Anti Gay Pastor

Bruno talks to "Gay converter" Pastor Quinn

Druggie Gets Tasered

Nothing ruins a great high like getting tasered after a high speed chase gone bad

Inside a Coke Machine

So that is why the damn machines take soo long - :evil

Funny Volleyball Fail

Maybe they should work helmets into volleyball?

Biker Has An Amazing Recovery

Either his bike has training wheels, or he just has really good luck.

Tourist Loses His Fingers

Fingers are overrated anyway...

Incest Couple Gets Interviewed

I hope they plan to homeschool their kids. I can already think of a few good insults that could be yelled out in the halls.

Cops Vs. Aggressive Drunk Dude

And this my friends is why tasers were invented.

Kid Tries To Eat A Habanero Pepper

That had bad idea written all over it.

Bird Goes Fishing

Looks like he is also more patient than I am. Unless I have 12 beers in me, I can't sit on a boat all day.

Slapping Contest Results in an Accidental Face Kick

It may be painful but it's okay because his boyfriend will tongue his balls later

Bike Flies Hitting Another Bike

Well that didn't go as planned

Carrot Party Up In Hurr

Grab your own carrot and feel free to join in.

Crazy Spectators at a Rally

Footage from the first Audi Quattro in rally, the crowd around the road are crazy, putting them selves into some serious harms way

He Asked For A Chair...

This has got to be one of the best fatalities I have ever seen aside from Liu Kang turning into a dragon and eating the upper half of your body.

Falling Asleep at the PC

That's me every weekend when I sit down to do the daily updates (which is why they sometimes don't get posted then - :red )

Fat Black Guy Gets Tasered

Bubba obviously hasn't watched a lot of TV, if he did then he would have known pushing the cops and telling them to fuck them selves only results in one thing, the taser

The Creepiest Gameshow Ever

This disturbed me... deeply. It's definitely pedobear approved.

Croatian Students Play Around with their Drunk Friend

As if the terrible hangover he is clearly going to have the day after wasn't enough, he now is also going to be seriously bruised and hurt. Good friends don't come easy

Car Bomb Blows Up in Cops Faces

Car alarms really used to be the 'bomb' in the 80s

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