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Base Jump in Norway Goes Wrong

I love the Norwegians. Even when they are/were facing death it still sounds like they are talking (singing really) about elves and flowers

Octopus Escapes Through 1inch Hole

And this is why bones are a design-flaw, well that is if you are a deep-sea creature stuck in a box

Old Biker Fights A Young Punk

An old seasoned biker or a young angry teenager, WHO YA GOT?

Man Sets World Record in Most Pathetic Record Attempt

He's got a lovely bunch of coconuts

Swedish K9 Apprehends an Armed Maniac

An axe and a knife won't stop this Viking K9, and that baton to the face was a neat little touch

Rally Car Nails A Tree

"Jah, die pedal vas stuck". The spectators on the hill got a free shave from his left tire.

Crash Sends Racer Soaring

I hope he packed a parachute.

Wrestlings Best Accidents

Finally, some wrestling footage that isn't fake.

Worlds Smartest Dog

Tune in next week when he inflates a floatie.

Monster Truck Does A Badass Flip

This is several different forms of awesome.

Food Court Wedding Proposal Fails

Women are such sluts. Just say yes, then tell him no later when you aren't in public.

Overheated Bicycle Rider

This would not be the tandem bike partner I would choose.. Looks a bit overheated.

Bicycle Lake Stunt Failure

This guy might want to put training wheels on next time.

Guy Projectile Vomits On His Friend

I'm pretty sure there is a man law that strictly prohibits puking on your friends.

Sickest Rap Battle Ever

I just hope I never start spitting with one of these foo's.

Car Flies Past an Old Man During an Interview

Seriously, people will do anything to get on TV these days

Cockroaches Valentines Day Prank

See, there are many different ways of expressing your love.

Woman Plows Down an Escalator

A woman plows down an escalator with her baggage cart in the Madrid airport, she ended up crashing into an elderly man at the bottom of the escalator

Little Kid Can't Handle The Leash

Go BWAH!. I loved the sound effects so much that I played it five times.

Mountain Biker Crashes Into a Tree Badly

I'll bet that felt somewhat below average

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