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Under The Hood Prank Ends Painfully

The mechanic should have gotten in the car and started it. That would have really shook the little punk up.

Violent Motorcycle Accident

Why the hell would they race on such a crappy road?

Bike Burnout Gone Very Wrong

Lucky that cliff wasn't any higher

Prank with Crash Sounds

Ahh how easy it is to fool the simple pedestrian with a large speaker emitting sounds of cars crashing

The Talkative Baby

I'd hate to see her cell phone bills in 15 years.

Baby Panda Takes A Spill

I don't think there is anything un-cute that a panda could do.

Baby Metallica Drummer

Video of a cute baby playing the drums anyone? No? Well if you change your mind you know where to find it

Cat Attacks a News Reporter

A left, a right, then 2 right jabs. Sorry Blondie but the cat won

Duck Goes for a Dogback Ride

Looked like that duck was trying to drown the dog, always knew the feathery bread eating bastards were up to no good

Fuktt Beer - Don't Drink it

Beers are advertised on how refreshing or tasty they are, but whenever I drink beer I just want to get drunk, that's where Fuktt beer comes in

Little Kid Nearly Blows Himself Up

Looks like he won't have to worry about shaving his unibrow ever again.

World's Most Pathetic Fight

So wait, do black guys get white eyes after a fight?

Swiss Guy Runs Face First into a Camera

He just really, really wanted to get his face on TV

Typical Night at the Dorms

Colon Cowboys + Play Guns = This video

Driving Like A Boss

I have a lot of east coast driving habits that don't go over well in the Midwest.

Hockey Puck Vs. Camera Lense

Maybe the cameramen should start wearing helmets while filming.

Idiot Rides on his Truck Roof

What a great idea, getting on top of your truck's roof while letting the car roll down the street with no one behind the steering bad the tape was stopped so soon

Glued Iphone Prank

It would be even funnier to glue an infant to the sidewalk and see people try to steal it.

Tractor Interview Gone Bad

This guy gets so excited that he flips out. PUN INTENDED! - :rolleyes

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