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Drunken Negotiations For Alcohol

This guy gets a liquor store confused with a flea market and when things don't go his way, he goes apeshit!

Yet Another Wheelie Gone Very Bad

What a waste of a perfectly good bike

How To Behead A Chicken

And now you can find that same chicken head in your McDonald's McNuggets!

Conan O'Brien Plays 1864 Baseball

One of the greatest things funnyman Conan has ever done, he meets up with a group of people who dress up as if they are living in 1864 and plays with them a bit of old style baseball, obviously Conan doesn't let the chance slip by to also flirt with the local women

Fight Breaks Out When a Drug Deal Goes Bad

This was bound to go wrong from the beginning, a brightly lit gas station with cameras is hardly the best place for that sort of a business meeting

Strange Twist To A Police Video

I bet you didn't expect to see this in the video.

Purse Snatcher Caught On Camera

I wish I was there. I'd have him shitting out teeth for the next 2 months.

Camel Gone Crazy

A camel at the Giza pyramids in Egypt goes nuts running off into the distance with some poor guy on its back

Bike vs Golfcart Accident

Face plants on a golf course happen to be just that much more eloquent, golf has that effect on things

The Cat Machine Gun

How come whenever i try that i get my face scratched off, he must be a cat whisperer.

Showering Husband Vs. Buttered Floor

He must have really done something to piss her off.

Granny Takes a Shit onto a Mall Floor

I'm a voyeur who gets turned on by grannies and I'm also into scat, so this video was awesome for me

Disturbed Man Shoots Gas Station Clerk

Either hes totally batshit crazy or this was personal.

Kid vs Calf

I bet this amateur bull fighter can't wait for the real thing after that

Eric D'Alessandro - What Happened To Rap?

Damn Ashton´╗┐ Kutcher went downhill after Demi Moore.

British Bloopers

A compilation of funny bloopers from Great Britain, cheerio

The Angry Ginger Is Back Again

Somehow, he will FIND A WAY, to get the ginger jokes to STOP!

Another Nasty Infected Spider Bite

Before she got bit by that spider it was all boner time... now? Not so much

Rebels Get Blown To Bits

Maybe they shouldn't wear such bright colored shirts?

Man Dragged From A Sewer After 3 Days

You can flush anything these days!

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