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The Ultimate Failed Dunk

By definition, you have to be in possession of a ball first in order to "dunk", hence he fails double

Loud Drunk Chick Has Bad Timing

Sometimes its better to just keep your mouth shut.

Basketball Fan Faceplants The Rim

That's the most entertaining halftime show I've ever seen.

Potato Gun To The Face

And this is what I like to call thinning the herd...

Animusic 3

Who said fiber optics didn't have rhythm?

Skater Fights Punk

A skater kid fights with a cocky drunk punk in the tourists packed streets of Sofia, Bulgaria

The Flaming Face Shot

Only YOU can prevent apartment fires.

Guy Shits his Pants During a Police Chase

Shitting your pants is the newest trick in the Thug Handbook, guy came so close to escaping while the cop momentarily dealt with his urge to hurl up the last 5 donuts

Bunch of Bikers Crash When a Cop Pulls them Over

The cop just wanted to ask them where the nearest Dunkin' Donuts was

Romantic Thumbs

Even thumbs need to release gas sometimes

Why Men watch the Price is Right

Ten well-endowed contestants bounce their boobs down the isle and onto the stage...I also just noticed that Bob is only two letters away from being boobs

Paranoid Psycho Talks About Rogue Pilots

Sounds legit to me. Thank you SO MUCH for addressing the city.

Slaughter the World

Take that Disney

Snitches Get Stitches

Unless it's a parrot. They have PETA and all those hairy armpit bitches on their side.

Ill Be Ready - Music Video

Relive the experience of Bay Watch with this music video, but let's face it, just like with Bay Watch the only reason why we are watching this is because it has hot babes

Cat Gets Karate Kicked

OH snap! A cat that didn't land on his feet. Pooned.

Flash Mob Robs A Gas Station

I hope they run into someone with a concealed weapon one of these days.

Cranky Tortoise

No one steals this tortoises favorite place, and if you do he will steam roll you out of there

Spoof of the Most Amazing Videos Voiceover Guy

Well you've all probably seen a bunch of videos here on EvilChili with the voiceover guy and you have probably grown to really dislike him, if so then this video should be a treat for you

Janitor Busted Jerking Off On Food

So that's why the gum was a little extra tangy.

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