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Electric Eel Powers A Christmas Tree

Ha! I found a new alternative to power plants! Everyone just get a few tanks of electric eels!

Horse Throws a Rider Off its Back at 4th of July Parade

Off to the glue factory with old Charlie

Bus Goes Over the Curb & Plows into Cars

"Please let me out" No. This is not a designated stop, sir. You'll have to wait

Ravens Fans Staying Classy

"That's the loudest manure chant I've ever heard" is the best part about this´╗┐ video.

Idiot Trashes A New BMW

I'd call him a complete dipshit, but I've forgotten to put my car in park before as well. Therefore hes just a tired, confused man.

Chevy Trucks Brakes Fail

Ever wonder what the horror looks like when you lose your brakes?

Car Jacking in Broad Daylight Caught on Camera

2 wannabe gangsters driving a white Volkswagen won't look suspicious at all

Ukrainian Man Rescues a Coat from a Burning Car

Apparently he risked his life for that coat since it had important papers in the inner pocket. I just hope by important papers they don't mean his grandmother's secret recipe for a bacon and cabbage soup

Magic Trick Gone Wrong

Lesson learned: Never. Ever. Under any circumstances, volunteer for a magic show

Man Pukes During LIVE Interview

Damn puke, it'll sneak up on you!

Canadian News Gets Real

Remember to lock your doors tonight, Canada.

Drunk Suicidal Idiot

Alcohol and playing on the side of tall building's doesn't mix very well!

Kid Nailed In The Face With Nunchucks

He will be eating through a straw for quite some time.

German Fan Fails During Celebration

Who the hell puts lambo doors on a BMW?

Squirrel Learns How To Purr

He's going to have a really rough time in squirrel school with bullying.

Man Saves Woman From Wild Dogs

Thank GOD he had that shovel on hand.

Cyclist Hits a Gate Post with his Face

I have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on in this video, which is partly why it's so awesome

Dog Ruins Christmas

This didn't turn me on at all. Not one bit. Nope.

Mentally Challenged Cooking

After laughing for a few minutes, I realized hes better at cooking then me. What now?

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