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Cyril Takayama - Cigarette Tricks

Japanese American magician Cyril Takayama does a few cigarette tricks, some seem pretty minor but others quite impressive

The Turn From Hell

This makes taking my bike to work every morning look even better.

Russian Kickboxing Knock Out

Just a little 'boop' and he hits the mat!

White Men Can Jump

Even with the help of a trampoline he comes horribly short, plus he was obviously traveling

Belgian Skater Breaks his Wrist

His Belgian waffle business is really going to take a bad hit now that he can't work for a month

Kid Gets An Xbox 360 For Christmas

I can't believe this is actually happening!

The Ultimate Car Smash

I'd love to set a few of my enemies up under there.

Stunts Gone Wrong Compilation

A video compilation of clips of failed stunts and idiots doing other funny things

News Cameraman Gets Attacked

Rednecks are very unpredictable, you never know what they are going to do.

What $5 Will Get You

Pay this weird hairy guy $5 and he will dance with your name written on his chest. I don't want to know what $10 gets you...

Psychic Drawing Gone Wrong

Sandra Dee, a psychic artist draws a drawing conjured from the other world. However the drawing went horribly wrong and the guest could not stop laughing. I think she is more of a “psycho artist”

Russian Skinhead Beats up his Ex Girlfriend at a Carwash

Nice to see someone musters enough courage to hand the poor woman a paper towel at the end. How noble

The Hunt is on in Iraq

Video cameras, keeping soldiers world wide entertained for hours

Armed SWAT Team Storm a Rave Party

An rave party in Utah was broken up by a heavily armed SWAT team who reportedly teargassed hundreds of dancers and then set attack dogs on them

Spectator Hit by a Police Motorcycle

That fall looked extremely dramatic, good to know the cop cared enough to glance back at her in the mirror for a millisecond

Pitcher Barfs On The Mound

Hey, at least he waited until after the game.

Udder Chaos

This little cow ran amok in a Miami suburb before being caught by police and animal control

Best Truck Driver Ever

Didn't even have Smokey back there to tell him which way to turn there wheel!

This Always Cheers Me Up

Holy shit that kid goes flying at 10 seconds. Even the parents were laughing.

Molten Aluminum Vs. Ant Hill

I guess they didn't ANTicipate this! Just a disclaimer, all the ants were hurt in the filming of this.

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