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CCTV Footage of a Crazy Police Chase in Hull

The guy who invented CCTV deserves some sort of prize, a free holiday to Bora Bora or something. Heck give him a Nobel prize and an Oscar as well. Not for saving lives, but for giving us such awesome duper footage

Woman Attacked by Bear With Commentary

The legendary video of a woman getting attacked by a trained bear now with hilarious British commentaries by David Mitchell and Johnny Vaughn on the show Best of the Worst

Pole Dancer Cracks Her Head

Maybe she should have to start wearing a helmet?

Cockatoo Dances To AC/DC

Birds were the original headbangers apparently.

A Perfect Headshot Serve

It doesn't get much better than this.

Overcrowded Escalator Accident in Japan


Soldiers Knock Over Port-a-Potty

Looks like hes having a SHITTY day! Ha Ha, get it? Sigh...

Plane Hits A Moving Car

Maybe next time they'll learn to not drive on a runway.

Swedish K9 Apprehends an Armed Maniac

An axe and a knife won't stop this Viking K9, and that baton to the face was a neat little touch

Homemade Zipline Fails Miserably

This is going to be so awesome(ly painful)!!!!

Crash Occurs During a Live TV Traffic Report

And this happened during Superbowl weekend, far better than the pre-game show...

Porcupine Enjoys A Snack

And manages to make some of the funniest faces ever.

Itty Bitty Thong Interview

You guys can thank me later, trust me on that.

Disco Inferno

It's all fun and games until somebody burns down their trailer

Man Punches a 16 Year Old Girl at McDonalds

He punched her after she said she was going to kick him in the McNuggets

Yet Another Owned Compilation

The internet is full of funny videos of people getting in accidents, so here is yet another compilation video of "owned" moments

Sexy 1940's Workout Video

You might get a little blood flowing to a certain region after watching this naughty video.

Kayaker Attacked By A Goose

You are never safe from mother nature!

Skater Turns Fail Into Win

I could probably do that too, if I knew how to skateboard and leave my parents house.

The Pez Dog

Man that dog looks happy - :D

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