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Woman Ends Up in a Puddle of Blood During Custody

Odd how the camera went mysteriously blank for a few minutes there, o well. Oh and this happened in Shreveport, Louisiana, and the officer has been fired as a result

When Exercise Ball Baseball Goes Wrong

The fools, when will they realize that exercise balls only bring pain and humiliation to people, or fantastic abs to fat chicks

The World's Coolest Baby

I could easily take him to some emo concerts!

Employees of the Month

Good thing not all department stores work this way, otherwise we'd all be naked and pissed off

Cat Fight On The Roof

Now if they were just women...

Romanian Sets Him Self on Fire in Spain

A Romanian man covered himself with petrol and set himself alight outside a government building in the Spanish city of Castellón. The man did so to demand the Spanish government to pay his and his families flight back to Romania after having been cheated out of a job the Romanian mafia had promised him in Spain illegally. I can only come to the conclusion he was in fact lying, since his pants are obviously on fire

Snoop Dogg And Martha Cook Brownies

She's missing the most important ingredient.

Norwegian Town Brawl

Older video from Norway, where townspeople who were having an anti-immigration meeting fought a bus full of members of a far left party out of their town.

Ohio Police Chase Ends With A Bang

Always look both ways before turning during a high speed chase.

Failed Attempt At A Dramatic Speech

Thank you C-SPAN for this hilarious entertainment.

Internet Comment Etiquette: "Things That are Fake"

Fake and gay.9/11, inside job, etc.

Homemade Roller Coaster

The Blue Flash is a 180-foot long home-made welded and made roller coaster featuring a 360-degree loop, I can see the news headline "Local man dies in self-made rollercoaster accident"

Fists of Justice

A man vents some vigilante fury in a court room on the man charged with the murder and rape of his mother. The chair smashing was very pro-wrestling, nice move

Brazilian Man Fights with a Thief in the Middle of a Road

Just wait until the guys at the jail find out he got beat down and arrested by a guy with man-breasts

Buzz Aldrin Punches A Guy

Even in his old age, hes not to be f*cked with.

RC Plane Almost Takes A Guys Head Off

That was the actual jet flown by Tom 'Thumb' Cruise in Top Gun. icon_beer.gif

Horny 911 Caller Arrested

If your horny I suggest you call any other number than 911

Extreme Tire Roll Accident

When did this ever sound like a good idea?

Zamboni Cracks Through The Ice

Looks like it was a little too heavy for that pond.

The Best Salvia Trip Ever

Never let your friends film your drug trips. Trust me.

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