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Drunk Dude Runs Into An Ambulance

If you're going to get injured by a vehicle, you can't choose anything better then an ambulance.

Odd Strip Club Ad

Wait what, a free buffet at a strip club?

Badass Bicycle Kick Goal

This guy stuns the hell out of the goalie and everyone else watching with his kick.

Genius Kid Pranks A Dumb Mom

Some people shouldn't be allowed to breed.

Latin Chick Fights With her Boyfriend

Meet Paulo, he is a class-A douchebag, which is probably why she liked him to begin with

Dumb Ebay Scammer Gets Owned

Why would this dumb bitch even show up to court? Props to Judge Judy... and that hot daughter.

How To Take Care of A Bully

So that's why he was laughing the entire time. He actually knows how to fight...

UK Granny Doesn't Take No Crap

Someone should mention anger management to grandma at the next family Christmas.

Skater Crashes into a Younger Skater

Double the pain for them, double the joy for us

How To Avoid Traffic Tickets

Except this one requires that you learn an awful lot of math. I guess rule me out.

Funniest Faceplant Accident

I get by with little help from my friends...

Bridesmaid Interrupts A Wedding

She just needed a little nap...

Annoying Drunk Woman Vs. Bull

I think we can all agree we were rooting for the bull.

U-fo Porno

I love the psychedelic groove playing in the background. Sure gets me in the mood for some intergalactic lovin'

How To Effectively Make A Towel Horn

It's funny because it looks like a penis.

Apocalypse Pony - Robot Chicken

The apocalypse ponies are here to deliver some punishment for naughty kids

Extremely Strong Wind VS Russians

While Vodka has always been a Russians best friend the same can't be said about the cold Russian winter

The Best Ball Girl Ever

I love the way she handled that ball. Yes, that was intentionally sexual because I'm a little aroused.

Juggalo Justice Fail

Thief at the Gathering of the Juggalos stole from other campers...A fellow Juggalo attempts to run over his vehicle!

Bud Light Institute

The Bud Light institute has been keeping wives busy since 1922, so you can enjoy a cold one

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