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Angry Redneck Grandpa Ruins Xmas

He was up all night delivering presents and this is the thanks he get. Ungrateful children. By the way, did the dad say the baby was buried in trash? Must be taking the Kenny approach to Christmas. Raid the dumpster before the other kids do

Lunatics 30 Car Rampage Stopped

This reminds me a lot of Grand Theft Auto...

Police Shoot Down an Armed Suspect on a Highway

He obviously didn't read "Armed robbery for dummies" where it clearly states that if you aim a gun at a bunch of cops they will take you down fast

Suspect Fires on Police During a Car Chase

Get caught after having shot at a cop and you sure have something to cry and whine about

Skaters Make a Security Guard Leave

Mike Valley and Bam have a little fun with a security guard trying to get them to leave the property, Mike ends up escorting the security guard away rather than vice versa

Fatass Cat Dies

A 44 pound cat died. Wow, the world will never be the same.

Paintball Trap Leaves a Guy with Sore Knees

He has some awesome friends. And by awesome I mean total shitheads

That's What I Call A Crash

That's gonna take a whole tube of plastic cement to put that car back together.

Andrew Dice Clay hits on Paris Hilton

I kept waiting for someone to break the tension with a joke or some kind of entertaining distraction but it never happened. It just kept getting harder and harder to watch. Tom Green doing what he does best, I guess

Just Wait For It...

When you see it, you'll shit bricks.

Don't use the Mouth - Hilarious Radio Trick

This is a hilarious radio show conversation between an Indian couple after the wife has a radio show call up her husband and play a little trick on him

Disgusting Arm Wrestling Injury

Nothing is worse then the sound of a broken bone.

Bride Kidnappings in Chechnya

For sale, one slightly bruised Chechen female All joking aside this is sick and barbaric

Wallaby Orgy

Of all the Macropod animals, wallabies know how to have the best fun

A Fascinatingly Disturbing Thought

When it comes to science and outer space, Neil deGrasse Tyson is probably the most interesting person on the planet.

Phoenix Police Takedown

A Phoenix police K-9 and SWAT team capture a man who claimed he had a pipe bomb and engaged them in an hour-long standoff during rush hour. Needless to say Dog 1 - Suspect 0

Conservative Eye for the Liberal Guy

Great spoof of the crappy reality tv show "Queer eye for the straight guy"

Saudi Weddings Are Wild

What goes up must come down. Looks like the neighbors might need a new roof.

Drunken Negotiations For Alcohol

This guy gets a liquor store confused with a flea market and when things don't go his way, he goes apeshit!

Kid Gets Publicly Shamed Asking a Girl to Prom

Rule 1: If she's out of your league, don't ask her out in front of other people. That way you won't feel burned that she didn't go out with you because she's out of your league and doesn't date losers (or only dates losers, what eva')

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