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Woman Sets Her Self on Fire Outside Rome City Hall

That was one hot burqa she was wearing

Armed Bus Robber Beaten By Commuters in Guatemala

At first I was so hoping they would throw the scum over that bridge railing, then when they did my excitement went away pretty quickly when I noticed it was only a couple of feet down

Taiwanese Police Shoot a Suspect

The Taiwanese Police end up killing a suspect after a hefty car chase through out the city, they gave him abundant changes to give up and shot his wheels numerously

Compilation of Lucky Moments

Whether its coming inches from death or just scoring the winning basket, these are some lucky f*ckers.

Worst Playground Idea Ever

They really could have come up with some better ideas than this.

Grandstand Fight

Old April fool joke on the BBC Sports show Grandstand, I think the slow-motion reply was a nice touch

UConn Quarterback Shows Off His Skills

Looks he is a lot more than just a quarterback.

Cop Chase Gone Bad

Car for sale. Slightly damaged.

2 Idiots Standing on a Car Roof Fall Off

That looked foolproof on paper, in reality it was a stupid idea from start to finish

How To Troll Your Dog

Wow. I normally would never, ever in a million years expect to like a video where someone is making a dog talk with dubbed voices. But I just watched that three times and laughed every time.t

Bank Robber Gets Stopped Cold

American news SUCKS! We need more stuff like this.

Streaker Love Story

With stories like this flowers just wont cut it this Valentines day...

Wrong Guy To Send On A Beer Run

Rock paper scissors isn't a good way of determining who should get more beer.

Guy Catches a Snake With His Mouth

Cool trick that would probably be a blast at parties, but I'm thinking its best if I don't try it - :D

Chechnyan IED Blows Up Next to a Russian Soldier

And of course, it's followed by a verbal diarrhea of "Allah Akbar"

Old People On Facebook

I keep seeing more and more old people on Facebook, and it scares me.

Don't Mess With The Riot Police

I doubt this guy ever led anymore riots after that blow.

Huge BMX Faceplant

This guys going to have trouble working his jaw for a while...

The Oldest Stoner Ever

Do you ever look at your grandmother and wonder what she would be like if she cooked less meatloaf and smoked more pot? Do you ever wonder what your grandpa would be like if he enjoyed marijuana more than Backgammon?

Ferret on Fire

Well it's not actually on fire, but its mouth pretty much is after licking a jalapeņo. Also ferret owners are weird and creepy

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