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Fat Kid Climbs Van & Hilarity Ensues

There was no Snickers bar on top of the van after all.

Chick Passes Out & Knocks her Head After a Keg Stand

And now those guys will be passing her around like a bag of Oreos

Skateboard Nutshot Backfires

It's always funny when the fat kid gets hurt.

Jason Garfield Comic Juggler

Jason Garfield is a juggler's juggler, and he insults people while juggling, making him quite the hero

This Always Cheers Me Up

Holy shit that kid goes flying at 10 seconds. Even the parents were laughing.

Helicopter Pilots Dancing

Even helicopter pilots boogie

Lebron Makes An Impossible Shot

He made that look way too easy...

Your Manhood is on Fire

Always got to be careful around barbeques

The Princess and Professor - CPU Switch

From the reality show "Prinsessen og Professoren" from Norwegian TV, the show is a social program to see how two completely different kind of personality can communicate. The subtitles are a bit bad and fast so you might have to pause it every now and again to read

Meet Mr. Waterman

I'd love to take him to a kegger. Let's see how "Mr. Waterman" fares there.

Guy Loses It In The Studio

This guy opens for those polka bands at festivals.

Bull Rams a Guy into a Gate

That's what you get for teasing an angry 1500 lb. animal equipped with stabbing weapons. I prefer more mundane activities, thus preserving my adrenaline for when it's really needed

Hilarious Marathon Finish

Yeah, I give them credit for their accomplishment, but they look goofy as shit.

The Phantom Shot

Way to trick the other team.

The Worst Athlete Ever

I love how he just as, 'F*ck it' at the end.

Corvette Showing Off Fails Miserably

Someone check his underwear.

Royal Navy Guy Gets Chased by a Camel

I wonder if the al-Salafi brothers knew that the Navy guys were out with their girlfriends?

Luckiest SOB Ever

This guy comes just a few feet from being destroyed by a car.

Slapping Contest Results in an Accidental Face Kick

It may be painful but it's okay because his boyfriend will tongue his balls later

Condom Ecosphere

Another way to get your condoms smelling like fish

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