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The Crazyass Honey Badger

I was at a loss of words towards the end there. All I could muster was, "crazy".

When Retards Play in the Playground

Well if he wasn't retarded before that little stunt he sure is now

The Iraqi 50 Cent

Best part about this clip is that the Iraqi Kid sounds a million times better than 50 Cent

Fireworks Camera

Ever wonder what it's like to be a firework? Me neither...

Girls From New Jersey Get Stopped for Speeding

Well those girls sure cracked that police cruise ship conspiracy wide open

Jay Leno on Anti Helium

Wanting to take over the world? Your first step would be to buy some sulfur hexafluoride for your evil master plan laugh

Why Longboarding in the Rain is a Bad Idea

There's never a 70 year old driver around when you need one. Kinda makes me nostalgic for those old-timey, heavy steel bumpers

6 JDAMS Dropped on a Taliban Compound

I have no idea what a JDAM is, but apparently it's really explosive.

Funny Ipad Commercial

There are just so many great uses for the Ipad!

Russian Guy Thrown By Exploding Garbage Can

In Soviet Russia, garbage can explode you.

What Really Goes Down In The Forest At Night

I feel terrible for the bear because it has to hide its talent from the other animals under the cover of darkness. They wouldn't understand.

The Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever

It's guys like this that make the rest of us look really shitty. Thank GOD I have really soft hands.

Missouri Crack Whore Tells The Truth

And it sure ain't pretty.

Daddy Having PC Problems

My daddy needs to call PC Express, and by the looks of it needs anger management too

Warlocks are Enemies of God

Hilarious song edited together using scenes from Jesus Camp, just remember, Warlocks are enemies of God!

Seagull Grabs & Flies Off with a Gosling

Ironically PETA is demanding capital punishment for that Seagull

Curious Bear Climbs Treehouse

I love how offended the bear looks when the guy talks to him. He's like "Oh my! I seem to have the wrong address!"

Badass Police Chase Footage

This guy clearly did not want to get captured.

SUV Drives Through a Mall

Just doing a bit of shopping

Construction Worker Sings Sinatra

Why in the hell is this guy working construction and not on Broadway?

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