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The Most Chauvinistic Man Ever

Agree or disagree with him, but you gotta admit that moustache is awesome

The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

That was an immensely satisfying ten minutes.

Hiccups for 3 Weeks

Apparently this poor girl has had hiccups for three weeks... but that doesn't stop me from laughing (God will smite me at any time now)

Amazing Waterfalls Compilation

Make a cup of tea, put on your heat blanket, and be astounded by the true beauty of these waterfalls. Crack a gay joke - I know your IP address punk.

Russian Kitty is Not Amused

Putting gloves onto a cat might be hilarious for 5 minutes or so, but you won't be laughing when he takes a wee on the couch, cat piss reeks

Nascar Breeds Patriotism

I'm more shocked that Nascar actually let black people on stage.

The Hitler Rooster

He's marching his way to the barber to get a buzz cut.

Paris in Jail

Six Weeks in a California prison? That's hot! At least Paris got that one day off, which she spent at the beach mixing up this little number

Truck Wipes Out Traffic

Wow, he couldn't find the brakes? Or maybe a heart attack, possibly just in a hurry... who knows

What News Anchors Do During Commercial Breaks

I was expecting him to say "Several hundred people died today..."

Toe Drinking

Would you like one or two toes with that Martini Sir?

Polish Swat Arrests Two Men & a Woman

Not sure exactly what they did, but this SWAT team didn't like them all that much

Security Guard Drops A Lady

I'm not going to take sides on this one, either way I lose.

Kid Almost Jumps Over A Pool

They keyword in this video is ALMOST.

The Hamster Olympics

If this hamster video doesn't blow you away, science needs to cultivate your stem cells to one day clone people who do not have the ability to be blown away.

Hyena Laugh on Australian Price is Right

Back in 1994 Some girl called Nik starts laughing like a hyena on Australia's the price is right

Creepy Interview With A Schizophrenic Guy

You might not be able to sleep tonight...

Attempted Robbery Fail

Some wannabe ninja walks into a convenience wielding a knife at each hand, only to get quickly subdued by the shopkeeper and his costumers.

Samsung 3D Project In Amsterdam

Of course they'd do this in Amsterdam. Everyone's already so stoned they probably think its real.

Dizzy Kid Runs Face First into a Post

They're just preparing him for his next birhtday when they get him drunk

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