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Dutch Air Force AH-64D Takes Out a Taliban Position

Airstrike first, then a few joints and space cakes back at base afterwards

Woman Freaks Out After Husband Gets Arrested for DUI

Mr. DUI goes calmly with the cops. Mrs. DUI meanwhile let's the insanity fly

Thirsty Japanese Guy

A Japanese guy downs a large bottle of water in no time, it would have been more impressive with a bottle of lighter fluids though

Bear Grills Devours a Dead Sheep

Bear Grills comes across a dead sheep in the Icelandic wilderness and makes a tasty snack from its flesh and eyes. Your not a real man until you are just like Bear Grills

The Dumbest Racist Ever

This guy may just be one of the dumbest people alive. He really dug himself a hole.

Wi-Fi Disappeared

Not uncommon... but not legal.

Monkey Humps a Little Goat

Eew, and I was just enjoying a cold glass of goat milk

Fatty and a Photocopier

This just proves that even photocopiers discriminate against fatties

Shocking Way To Stop A Motorcyclist

This guy must have been a rookie, he didn't even kick the suspect in the face.

Don't Feed The Bears

You know how they can keep people from going inside the exhibits at the zoo? They should put a ferocious beast inside. That'll keep them out... oh wait.

The Best Fountain Dive Ever

That's going to leave a good mark.

Japanese Human Tetris #2

The wacky Japs are back with even more wacky Human Tetris. Can you really afford not to go check it out? I mean, seriously.

Show Off Hits the Floor

I'm sure that was nothing but karma doing its work

The Wood Chipper From Hell

This crazy wood chopper turns trees into toothpicks in just 15 seconds.

Boy Meets Girl

This is the ultimate boy meets girl montage, boy sees girl, boy falls in love, boy finds out girl has a boyfriend, boy does heavy drugs, boy turns life around, boy meets Jesus…you know, the normal stuff

Cop Gets Nailed By A Truck

Why does it seem like the car could have pulled a little further off the road?

Things Destroyed In Slow Motion

How can it get any cooler?

Girl from Big Brother Croatia Falls off a Counter

So let me get this straight, the attention whore in red couldn't stand being less of an attention whore than the one in blue, so she decided to do something about it and instead went slamming hard to the floor

Crazy Chick gets Arrested Outside a Mall for Shoplifting

Even better, this clip features running commentary by Quahog Channel 5's own Blackuweathermetoroligist Ollie Williams

Coach Knocks Out His Student

Sometimes people just need to be put in their place.

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