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Shoplifters Get into a Fight with Security in a Russian Mall

Better not shoplift in Russia, or Putin's buddies will get you

The Best Bow Shot Ever

"I'm pretty good with a bowstaff". NAME THAT MOVIE!

Woman Falls off a Rope into a Creek

Oh those crazy Hungarians and their rope balancing antics

Korean Girl Has a Seizure Onstage

...and the other girls just keep on singing! An instant classic

Fire Juggler Burns His Face

Like momma used to say, if you play with fire you get burned.

Living With a Crackwhore

And you thought your family was crazy? Obviously haven't tried living with Christy

Lil Jon Sesame Street Anthem

I think I might just put this on repeat on my big screen TV that I don't actually own but tell people is mine on my blog.

The Creepiest Spider Ever

Right when you thought spiders couldn't get any creepier...

Midget Fight Breaks Out On Jerry Springer

Nothing cheers me up faster then a bunch of midgets fighting on TV.

Student Slams a Blackboard into Teachers Face

Well clearly someone will be failing that class

More Crazy Saudi Drifting

The hazard lights was a nice touch. Incase nobody happened to notice the crazy mofo riding a pickup truck on two wheels down the motorway at night

Robber with a Sweet Tooth

Someone had a bad case of the munchies, but I cant blame him, everyone loves the candy (well it did appear he got some cash from behind the counter too)

Dave Letterman and the Velcro Suit

Late Night with David Letterman back in Feb. 28, 1984, when Velcro was an actual new invention and the work of the devil

Craziest Basketball Turn Around Ever

If I had money on that game, I probably would have had a minor heart attack.

Louis C.K. On Doing Your Damn Job

Stop bitching about it and just get it done.

UCLA Student's Racist Rant

She's going to be sitting on her porch with a shotgun, drinking PBR, in about 25 years.

Hilarious College Prank

Finally a prank that doesn't involve people getting hit in the nuts. They used an underground tunnel to keep traffic waiting... forever.

Gas Attendant Escapes Death by a Second

I'll fill your tank as soon as I empty my underwear

Most Epic Escape Attempt Ever

Apparently they forgot they were handcuffed together? It's ok, that happens to me a lot when I do bondage.

Bird Man Interrupts US Open Winner

There is always something odd in San Fran...

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