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Save Me A Whaaa?

They should have waited until after the commercial to give her the crack hit.

Rock Climbing At Home

You don't need a cliff in your backyard to rock climb from home.

Horse Throws a Rider Off its Back at 4th of July Parade

Off to the glue factory with old Charlie

Nasty Bike Crash Footage

Always wear your helmet but most importantly, dont scream like a girl as you go down.

Amazing Bartender Skills

Only takes you about 10 minutes to get your drink, at least it will be well mixed (and in the case of beers extremely flat)

Drunk Redneck Mouthing Off Gets Beat Up

Well in fairness they are all drunk rednecks

Wildebeest Takes on a Bunch of Rhinos

You see that thing wagging at the end of his back? That's not his tail, it's his balls... oh yeah, they're that big and have a life of their own

Dog Imitates A Rabbi

So if there is a dog heaven, I doubt hes going.

2 Legged Hero Dog

Well this dog obviously has no balance problems, simply an incredible dog

Chinese Car Crash Test

The Chinese released a new car that helps with population control!

This Horse Has Had Enough

That idiot getting knocked out made the whole parade more entertaining.

The Slowest Man Alive

When you have lived long enough to have seen dinosaurs, why rush anywhere?

Nipple Twist Wakeup

Some guy wakes up his friend by giving him a nipple twister

74 Days of Food Decomposing

Reminds me of Lindsey Lohan - ripe and pure at first... and now look at her.

Real Life Cabbage Patch Kid

Poor fat kid, to be famous at the ripe age of five.

Mother Tries to Break Up a Ghetto Girl Fight

There's no better way to settle a dispute than to tear each other's eyes out. Just ask these fine young ladies

Skaters Jaw Slams into a Concrete Wall

Concrete is a cruel mistress, a cruel mistress with a profound hatred towards skaters

Bike Transformer Faceplant

It isn't smart to use Walmart products for extreme sports.

Organized Ukrainian Brawl


Milk Shake Straight from the Cow

I'm actually terrified of this ad from Hardee's, in fact any video of a farmer spanking a cow has me petrified

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