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First Robot To Walk Like A Man

I'll be impressed when he can tap dance...

The Biblical Hippy

Dude in the back saying, "man that guy should be my lawyer".

Funny Jeep Racing Accident

Two unfortunate things happen within a few seconds- priceless!

Awesome Coin Stop Motion

Do you think this is their hobby? Or they're both trust fund babies?

Drilling Accident Sends a Worker Flying

Reminds me of my last orgasm, and no I don't mean 4 men standing around with lots of mud

Tickling Camels Is Too Much Fun

I wish I had more exotic pets than just that adopted kid that cleans my house.

Female Basketball Player Faceplants into the Floor

Her boyfriend will probably enjoy her new toothless mouth

Judge Judy PMS's On Plaintiffs

Judge Judy takes her menstrual cycle to the court room. What a bitch.

Drinking Milk Keeps the Arms Attached

Drinking a lot of milk keeps the bones strong, not drinking milk causes your arms to snap off

Hilarious Reaction To Bamboo Strike

I'm guessing that probably hurt.

Kid Owns The Price Is Right

This lucky punk walks away with over $50k in loot. I hope he gets jumped in the parking lot.

Christopher Walken Performs Poke Her Face

This man has the voice of an angel.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Jeopardy Fail

Looks like he has seen a few of those movies in his time.

Jim Gaffigan On Being Lazy

Couldn't agree with this man more right now.

Wrestler Face Plants into Stairs

Don't we all have those moments we wish we hadn't done what we just did?

Driver Gets Tossed From A Car

When I used to simulate car accidents with my toy cars, it looks a lot like this.

Home Surgery on a Cyst

If you can't afford medical insurance having a medical student friend is always great

Thieves Drive a Car Through the Wall of a Pharmacy

Someone really needed their Viagra, can't keep the missus waiting

The Fastest Japanese Guy Alive

Japan. Home to 98.7% of the worlds weirdest sht!

Announcer Nearly Dies of Excitement

I think this guy should be used for every major sporting event.

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