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Extreme Streetball

Amazing footage of a bunch of British street basketball players, some of their tricks are brilliant to watch

Hilarious Duck Scene on Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien can pull off anything, even squeezing 4 minutes of comedy out of some duck. Mind you the comedy wasn't the only thing squeezing out of the duck

Christian TV Show Gets Rick Rolled

I love how he says it with such a straight face.

Phone Prank on Wife Backfires

Well that didn't turn out so well for the guy just wanting to get a few cheap laughs at his wife's expense

Imaginary DJ

Don't have whatever he is having!

He Will Never Live This Down

This is one of my greatest fears in regards to swimming pools.

The Lawnmower Thief

A thief going around a neighborhood stealing lawnmowers gets stopped by a cop, but the most amazing thing is the twist at the end of the video

12 Shots, 1 Faceplant

I hope for the sake of his manliness those 12 shots were of Czech Absinth, and not 12 apple schnapps

Drunken Girl Ruins A Wedding

Wow, so seductive. That red dress really gets me.

Difficult Woman Gets Tasered by Cops

When a police officer says to you "your gonna get tasered" that's usually a good time to shut the hell up and do what your told, or else your gonna be squealing like a little pig

Jeremy Paxman Gives Blair an Unusual Grilling

It takes balls the size of watermelons to do what Jeremy Paxman does in his interviews

Epic Desk Faceplant

She takes getting to class on time VERY seriously.

Bike Free Styling

Awesome video of bike free styling in Coventry, England. Some of the tricks are nuts - :)

Drunk Guy Tries To Jump On A Boat

Looks like he traded that for a midnight swim.

Baby Tossing Fun

When the Chinese do this they call it acrobat training. So just because these people have no qualifications to attempt these stunts does not deny them of the right to endanger their children just as much as others

Reporter Falls Into Crap Infested Waters

Let's just hope he had no open wounds or he's going to end up with more diseases then a soldier after Vietnam.

Banned Mythbusters Episode

The Mythbusters showed this clip on flatulence during one of their live screenings, the clip was banned by the Discovery Channel who obviously don't appreciate fart jokes very much

Bull Tears A Matador Apart

If someone climbed on my back, tied a rope around my balls, then zapped my balls with a cattle prod, I'd probably react similarly.

Eating Raw Peppers Hilarity

This could perhaps be the most annoying woman on earth.

Disturbing Arm Wrestling Accident

Excuse me while I go chug three glasses of milk.

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