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Way too Much Detail

I used to think there was no such thing as "too much detail" when it came to cameras, but this clip has definitely changed my mind (even though that particular scenario is highly unlikely it is still possible, and due to that reason I'm swapping back to my old 1 mega pixel camera for good)

Cat Attacks A Rottweiler

Wheres that cat serial killer when you need him?

Fleeing Suspect Nailed By A Truck

Next time you run from the police, make sure you wear your seatbelt!

Apache Helicopter Spots the Easter Bunny in Iraq

"Shhhhhhhh, be vewwwy, vewwwy quiet; I'm hunting wabbits" If anything, now we know how Osama has managed to stay hidden for so long

Bubble Prank

These guys fill a friends room up with bubbles while he is sleeping.

Ethnic Food Section at Wal-Mart

I thought this was pretty silly before they showed the fourth sign, which just so happens to be the sign that brings the funnies

Dancing Dog in Turkey

That dog is either dancing to those groovy tunes or doing his Michael J. Fox impression

Best Referee Attacks of All Time

Nothing says f*ck authority like knocking out the ref.

Working Out That Pelvic Thrust

Nothing turns the ladies on more than a man who has a lot of pelvic thrust.

Otter And Dog Become Best Friends

I know this sounds dumb but I really wish I could go join them.

Compilation of Crazy Motorbike Crashes

I estimated this video cost around 560,000 dollars to make and starred 22 dumbasses and 6 douchebags

Never Ignore Your Liver

That is one freaky liver - :O

Cop Forced To Use Deadly Force On Suspect

I like how the officer stands in front of the suspects car and then claims he was in "fear of his life" and had the authority to shoot. That makes lots of sense.

Cops Go Below The Belt

Cops take aim a little lower with their pepper spray bullets!

A Real Ball Buster of A Prank


Grandmother Calls 911 After Toddler Shot Himself

And now one family doesn't like guns very much anymore

Red Sox Fan Gets Tackled & Taken Down

He got dropped like a used condom

Horn Connected to Car Breaks Prank

Quite a funny prank to play on your friends, and annoy your neighbors at the same time. Perfect for killing two birds with one stone

Hungarian Hip Hop Cops

Apparently Hungarian police have launched a search among their own ranks for two men in police uniform whose hip-hop dance routine can be seen in this video. Why you ask, well the only conclusion I can come up with is that "dancing with intent to embarrass one self" and "criminal possession of gay dance music" are prosecutable by law in Hungary

Rotor Burns Until It Explodes

They're lucky it didn't kill them. Spinning metal getting hotter and hotter till it breaks apart... I'm sure if the camera rolled for a few more seconds one of them would've went up and touched it to "see" how hot it got.

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