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Fat Drunk Lady Can't Swim

...or get out of the undertow.

Scooter Idiot Clips A Tree

He almost died, and I almost died laughing. I don't know which one is worse.

Biker Crashes At 95 MPH

Right after passing a group of bikers, this guy tries to show off...

Group of Kids Attack & Beat Another Boy

At least the group of kids know if they get charged with anything Jesse Jackson will be there to support them

Classic Car Leaves Flames

Back to The Future 4; Mexican Uprising

Just Another Day at Target

Now, where did that kid go?

Why You Should Wear A Seat Belt

That truck scared the shit out of that minivan. I'll go sit in the corner.

Truck Crash Into Two Cars

Well what else is there to do on a boring winter day when all you have is a truck and two old cars?

250ml Rhythm with Redbull

This is awesome! It makes me want to drink a redbull and dance the night away

Wrong Way To Unload A Car

These guys demonstrate once again that human stupidity has no limits.

Mr Rogers Breakdancing

The level of creepitude in this segment is very high, it's way up there on the paedophile scale

Cat Lady Is My New Hero

What's the big deal, she's recycling a cat. I thought we were encouraged to be more green.

This Cop Is Not Your Papi

I believe he might need a diaper change and a new juice box after that.

Bolivian Mob Lynches 3 Cops Extorting People for Money

Note to self: NEVER become a dirty cop in Bolivia

Russian School Play Gets Interrupted by a Streaker

Frosty the pervert might just be the very first streaker to hit an event aimed at little kids, lets hope he will also be the last lunatic to do so

Bullets Spinning On Ice

When I get bored, I usually shoot guns at frozen lakes too. Nothing to see here folks. Go home.

Feeding the Dogs

These hunting dogs at a French Chateau are amazingly well disciplined, first I thought they were all going to attack the feeder

Crowds Come To See A Leprechaun

Gotta love the good folks of Mobile, Alabama. Could be a crack head!

Epic Roof Dive Fail

The object of the game is to land in the pool.

Cat That Lives In A Whorehouse

This is how you destroy your child's innocence.

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