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The Wrong Way To Drift

Remember, when you're driving a car... it's usually important to continue driving it.

Hilarious Invisible Rope Prank

You never know, it could actually be razor wire.

Dumbass Runs Through A Glass Door

What the hell was he thinking?

Hungarian Police Van Crashes into a Car

Perfect 360. Should have continued on as if nothing even happened

Gotta Love Language Barriers

I hope they send plenty of Korean women to the US asking this phrase.

Russian Hookers get into a Naked Street Fight

It took me some time to realize they were fighting, having said that, I'd hit it

The Dumbest Race Cars Ever

Lets just hope this craze doesn't hit North America.

Saddam Hanging Imitation Almost Goes Terribly Bad

"Come on son, lets go out to the garden and play Saddam... you go first"

When Stupidity gets Behind the Wheel

I have absolutely no idea what this man was trying to attempt, but I think it's safe to say it didn't work as planned

Man Uses Himself As Bait To Catch A Python

What an ingenious way to do it! Might have worked better if he went in head first though.

Surfing Yemeni Style

Well I wouldn't drink the water in that town, but surfing in it that's another matter!

Baby Loves Kid Cudi

How do I already know your kid will be a stoner?

The Best Sloth Video Ever

Some days I wish I was a sloth.

Bling Ballz

The only way to get the ladies these days is to bling up your balls

Girl Falls Down a Hill The Epic Way

Can somebody call an ambulance?

Jeff Corwin Attacked by Elephant

That's 1 for Dumbo, and 0 for Wildlife Biologist Jeff Corwin

The Mega Masturbator

I sold mine on Craigslist after I stretched it all out.

The Nightmare Midget is Back

Just when I'm done having nightmares over the first video it comes back, and this time it has brought it's gimp along

Chinese Man Punches a Tibetan Demonstrator in London

I wonder if he made a wish before jumping into the fountain. If he did, I bet it wasn't about getting his ass kicked.

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