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WNBA Game Ends in an All Out Brawl

This is the most WNBA I've ever watched, and I hope to keep it like that

Backseat Sex prank

Brilliant prank, but some of the pedestrians where just complete pervs

11 Month Year Old Twins Dance To Dads Guitar

I've gone from not wanting kids, to wanting twins and the ability to play guitar in 40 seconds.

Being Britney

See what it's like being Britney Speers for a day, mmm food

Goal Celebration Fail

Way to leave him hanging!

Can't Quite Squeeze Through

Maybe next time he will use some rope as a seat belt. Good thing his face broke his fall.

Polish Cops Drag an Old Man Through a Wooden Door

And this is why I have 4 inch thick Oak doors and not thin cardboard ones

The Most Badass Way To Fish

Does this guy ever need air?

Rock Climbing While Hungover Sucks

I crapped my pants too. From laughing.

Sleepy Kid Attempts To Eat Ice Cream

What kind of kid falls asleep while eating a treat?

The Real Hustle - Pick Pocket

The hustlers manage to steal someone's wallet and replacing it with a piece of news paper without the person knowing, and no these videos are not meant to teach you the art of pick pocketing - ;)

Bigfoot Pleasuring a Unicorn

Things get a bit kinky in the magical Opera kingdom when Bigfoot gets dirty with a unicorn

Giant Spider Vs. Dad

This actually made me jump.

The Worst Beat Boxer Ever

This guy could use a lot more practice...

Truck Smashes into a Car on a Highway

Just a helpful tip, try focusing more on the road in front of you as you drive, rather than an accident at the side of the road

Chubby Asian With Bow Skills

I'm going to put all the fat jokes aside and say that was pretty damn cool...

Viral Learning Center

A spoof of a Devry-type school where they teach how to make viral videos and hurt your self on tape, basically like most of the videos on this very site

Kung Fu Goes Ghetto

The only way to make the Kung Fu movies even greater is to give them a bit of Ebonics, straight outta Hong Kong

The Flamboyant Chef

I'll take my Chef extra well done please

Bitch Who Really Loves Her Hands

I hope she slams them in a car door. What a cocky b*tch. She needs to work on her face.

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