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Punker Gets Knocked Out in a Backyard Fight

Kid's a punk to start off with, so deserves a beating

The B-Team

Mr T, K-fed and other B-list celebrity puppets help Nicole Ritchie get back her cell phone which was stolen by Paris Hilton

Huge Brawl at an Outdoor Festival

Ironically this brawl probably started due to a spilt beer and ended up spilling even more beer

Skater Breaks his Left Leg

Good thing skaters always have cameras with them, endless great footage

The Many Faces of Hillary

It doesn't get much more pointless than this

Bolivian Mob Lynches 3 Cops Extorting People for Money

Note to self: NEVER become a dirty cop in Bolivia

Dog Shows his Owner the way of the French

Man's best friend and another friend team up to leave this poor guy with a very bad taste in his mouth

Drunk Guys with a Microphone Pretend to be the Police

It's a bad enough mix to drink and drive, but when you add a megaphone into that mix all hell is likely to break loose

Man Cries After Getting Pied In The Face

...and this is why I always keep a few kleenex handy.

Monkey Blowjob

"Man, he's making eye contact with me".... That's your cue buddy, get in there!

Nuclear Plant Cooling Tower Implosion

Watch as the Trojan nuclear power plant cooling tower goes boom, the neighborhood bird wasn't impressed as he flew off

The Cat That Barks Like A Dog

I'd still much rather have a dog.

Insane Basketball Shot

This dude is pro.

Clerk Fights Back Against Thieves

After being maced in the face, this old man fights back with his pistol.

Guy Saves Old Man From A Beating

Damn, he could have had his lights turned out!

Adorable Otters Bouncing Up And Down

Now they just need to get them synchronized and they can make millions!

Dog Thinks He's A Kangaroo

He does have a little bit of a spring in his step!

RIP Comedian Greg Giraldo

One of my favorite comedians passed away of an overdose on September 29th.

Bicyclist Almost Flies Off Cliff

He is one of the luckiest bastards alive.

Jeremy Gets Tasered

Do I know Jeremy? No. Do I care who Jeremy is? No. Do I enjoy watching Jeremy get tasered? Hell yes p.s The guy in the coat is creepy

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