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Band Player Fakes It On The Field

He got busted pretty bad. That is just plain embarrassing.

Mentos and Coke Gone Wrong

Did anyone else flinch from this video? I should stop using a 32" monitor if I'm going to keep running this site.

What News Anchors Do During Commercial Breaks

I was expecting him to say "Several hundred people died today..."

Driving Off A Cliff At High Speeds

So you don't have to do it yourself, you can experience it through this video.

Watch The Guy In Red

This is one disgusting human being. Never forget that security could be watching!

Tourists Play With Tigers In Thailand

You too can play with tigers at the Tiger Temple in Thailand... if you're insane.

Brilliant 4-Year-Old Pianist

This kid is better at piano than you will ever be.

Wheel of Fortune Fail

This guy is clearly a moron. His family will hate him after this.

Hilarious Wakeboarding Fail

I'm sure that knocked the wind out of her!

Ever Seen Baseball Size Hail?

The hail is so big it actually smashes an entire windshield!

Dumb Chick Gets Dragged By A Kite

That actually looked a little fun...

So Close Yet So Far

This marathon runner didn't plan out his last few steps...

Craziest Basketball Turn Around Ever

If I had money on that game, I probably would have had a minor heart attack.

The Dumbest News Story Ever

You know they were really getting dry on interesting news...

Octopus Walks On Land

It wouldn't surprise me if there was a nuclear power plant nearby.

Young Girl Woops A Sex Offenders Ass

Be careful, this might have actually turned him on.

Frightening Arm Wrestling Dog

I think I would just forfeit to avoid the medical bills.

Hilarious Benny Hill Car Chase

Good luck pulling someone over whose on hallucinogens.

Only In Russia

I ... did not see that coming one bit.

Two Hamsters One Wheel

I think it is truly impossible not to laugh at this video.

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