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Mentos and Coke Gone Wrong

Did anyone else flinch from this video? I should stop using a 32" monitor if I'm going to keep running this site.

Pet Penguin Residing In Japan

Looks like he has everything figured out. Gotta love the backpack!

Get A Room!

"Doin it like they do on the discovery channel."

I Didn't Expect That Voice

This kid needs to grow facial hair as soon as possible.

The Faces of Rock

There was way too much emotion in the Kristen Stewart.

The Meaning of Life

This video has surfaced after a man legally smoked 3.5 marijuana's legally in Colorado. Oh no, it's beginning!

Security Camera Catches Plane Crash

They're just lucky that plane didn't hop onto the highway.

Octopus Walks On Land

It wouldn't surprise me if there was a nuclear power plant nearby.

What Seatbelts Are Made For

Always remember to buckle up, otherwise you'll either be through the roof or the windshield.

Cop Chases After High Speed Biker

If you are being chased, never ever go to the high way. That's just stupid, Grand Theft Auto taught me that.

Trickster Sells Public Parking Spaces

Step 1: buy cones. Step 2: ???? Step 3: Profit.

High Speed Car Crash In Georgia

After the crash, it looked like a scene from Walking Dead.

Why You Should Use A Parking Brake

Otherwise your car will end up doing reverse donuts like a madman!

Classic Ace Ventura


Best Truck Driver Ever

Didn't even have Smokey back there to tell him which way to turn there wheel!

Conan And Silverman Corrupt A Baby

What you dont see, is the 2+ hours prior of the parents replaying the clip over and over, shouting "Say it! Say it you little sh*t! We want to get one Conan! Say it!!!"

Fat Drunk Lady Can't Swim

...or get out of the undertow.

Skier's Backflip Fail

This guy might want to take a few more lessons.

When Did This Become A Good Idea?

That was a close one!

Bus Driver Has Life Saving Grab

Props to this guy for saving a life.

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