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How To Troll Your Dog

Wow. I normally would never, ever in a million years expect to like a video where someone is making a dog talk with dubbed voices. But I just watched that three times and laughed every time.t

English In 24 Different Accents

I dare say, that was bloody brilliant.

White Boy Has Got Skills

Hahaha, you thought the music industry was about music and talent? Silly you.

The Funniest Knockout Ever

What even happens in such a situation?

Baltimore Police Dog Training Video

This is going to piss a lot of people off.

Christopher Walken Interviews a Centaur

Great old SNL skit and with a title like that, you truly can't lose

4 Guys Play Song With iPhones

These guys had their instruments stolen, so they improvised. Pretty impressive for using just iphones.

Funniest Boxing Entrance Ever

I think he must have wasted all his energy in his dance routine.

Wrong Way To Settle A Car Accident

This is why in America, we have insurance cards.

8 Year Old Owns During A Dance Off

Glad my 35 cents a month is going towards a good education.

The Craziest Motorcyclist Ever

This guy either has giant balls or is just suicidal. Either way, AWESOME!

A History of Rap Through Beatboxing

This actually exceeded my expectations!

Guy With Tourettes Sings Karaoke

Chicago, If you leave me now... F*ck off C*nt.

Ireland - Family Guy

Family Guy shows us how Ireland was before the evil that is alcohol

The Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever

It's guys like this that make the rest of us look really shitty. Thank GOD I have really soft hands.

The Translator - Catherine Tate

Hilarious sketch from the Catharine Tate show about possibly the most excellent translator ever to walk our fine Earth. A bit offensive maybe, but hilariously funny in a non politically-correct sort of a way

I Didn't Expect That Voice

This kid needs to grow facial hair as soon as possible.

Psycho Girl Freaks Out When She Sucks At Singing

I bet her parents paid a lot of money to soundproof her room.

Ever Seen Parkour Like This

These guys have some serious skills. I wish I had friends that could do this.

An Intense Baby Conversation On Squirrels

They're definitely talking in some form of Italian, you can tell by the hand gestures.

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