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Badass Bouncers Compilation

Here's a couple good reasons why you should never mess with the bouncers.

Cop Gives Suspect A Boot In The Face

I'm pretty sure that move isn't in the police handbook.

Nerd Teaches Shirtless Bully A Lesson

Secret Tip: never pick on nerds because they are usually into martial arts and watching The Matrix Trilogy once a week.

Giant Centipede Eats A Mouse

This video sent chills down my spine. I hate centipedes.

Insane Woman On The Train

Got to love the NYC metro system. Meet some crazies every day of the week!

Old Man Teaches Hoodlum A Lesson

His fists have been weathered in 67 years of battle.

Cop Leads Suspect Into An Accident

Remember kids, almost buckle up during a high speed pursuit!

Evil Christmas Present Prank

Maybe adoption wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

Never Grab Electric Wires

So that's what a couple thousand volts looks like...

Extreme Train Surfing

If you know you are going to die, you mine as well do crazy shit like this.

Dumb Thug Headbutts A Windsheild

I guess when you're already that dumb you have nothing to lose in terms of brain cells.

Man Makes A Joke Out of The Police

They couldn't restrain this guy even after tasering him. Fail.

Horse Kicks His Owners Ass

Whip me again! Try it!

Dude Gets Dropped At Walmart

The prices can't go as low as this guys sucker attack.

Hot Chick With Beat Boxing Skills

I would love her to do that with my balls in her mouth.

Alambama Arrest Gets Messy

I'd have wooped his ass too if he tried to run me down with a minivan.

Shocking Gang Initation Footage

This must be like the special olympics of gangs.

Girl Smashes Boyfriends Xbox

Anything BUT the xbox! PLEASE!

Greatest Freak Out Video EVER

After this kids mom deletes his WOW account, this kid flips shit.

Another Invisible Rope Prank

If I saw two people doing that, I'd speed up... but that's just me.

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